TBD Colorado: Help determine the future of this state at History Colorado today

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John Hickenlooper.
The state of Colorado today? Snowy. The state of this state in the future? That's TBD. And today, you can help determine it at a public meeting of TBD Colorado, the non-profit project created last year to jump-start conversations about the biggest issues facing the state. More than 1,200 Coloradans joined in the discussion at seventy meetings. Now, TBD is focusing on two specific issues: education and transportation.

From 4 to 6 p.m. today at History Colorado, 1200 Broadway, you can take part in a public meeting on these topics; Governor John Hickenlooper will join the conversation at the end of the session, to talk about the role of TBD Colorado in setting statewide priorities on education and transportation.

But if you plan to come in out of the cold, you need to first register for today's TBD meeting here. If you can't make this gathering, there will be a second in Grand Junction next Monday; register here.

And through March 25, you can also go online at www.eTBDColorado.org to share your ideas on the future of this state's education and transportation projects -- and how to fund them.

The future of Colorado? It's still TBD.

While you're at History Colorado, see Collision, the exhibit on the Sand Creek Massacre. And read about it in our post "A century and a half later, the wounds of Sand Creek are still fresh."

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History Colorado Center

1200 Broadway, Denver, CO

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Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

Sounds to me like a money-spending expedition.

TABOR has done the most to secure the future of this state, to the extent it hasn't been cheated on. The best thing to do for the state is to reinforce the lasting value of TABOR.

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