Photos: April Fools' Day memes (almost) make the other 364 days of the year seem less foolish

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april fools day memes 205x205.jpg
Big memes below.
Do you love April Fools' Day? Or do you think it's the most annoying holiday ever -- an excuse for amateur comedians to play pranks proving once and for all they're not very funny?

We've gathered together a collection of April Fools' Day memes intended to appeal to both groups.

Check them out below. At the very least, they'll remind you to check the restroom door before you go in to make sure there's not a bucket filled with water propped on it....

april fools day memes 1.jpg

april fools day memes 2.jpg

april fools day memes 3.jpg
Continue for more April Fools' Day memes that (almost) make the other 364 days of the year seem less foolish.

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