Photos: Barack Obama talks gun control at the Denver Police Academy

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barack obama denver police academy 205x205.jpg
Big photos below.
As recently as Monday, Representative Rhonda Fields didn't know if she'd be invited to President Barack Obama's Wednesday gun-control talk at the Denver Police Academy. But Fields was on hand along with many other local political heavyweights, including Governor John Hickenlooper, Senate President John Morse, Senator Rollie Heath and many others. Our Brandon Marshall was on hand to capture the scene. Look below to see a sampling of his photos, then visit the complete "President Obama Addresses Gun Legislation" slide show.

barack obama denver police academy 1.jpg
Photo by Brandon Marshall

barack obama denver police academy 2.jpg
Photo by Brandon Marshall

barack obama denver police academy 3.jpg
Photo by Brandon Marshall
Continue for more photos of President Barack Obama at the Denver Police Academy.

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JimTom topcommenter

Obummer wanted to hand deliver Dick-in-loopers payoff for being the best puppet  money can buy.


we don't need gun control we need bullet control make a bullet cost $5,000  and who ever got shot probably deserved it! 


@onevoice420 And then, there will be plenty of people willing to set up black market bullet sales......Genius. Maybe we can save everyone from cholesterol by charging $5000 a cheeseburger, or perhaps save the children from marijuana by charging $5000 per gram.


@Monkey that was from a Chris rock stand up didn't get the quote in time. of course bullet control is impossible due to the amount of ammunition and the ability to make your own ammunition. the $5,000 cheese burger idea isn't a bad one though. if you haven't noticed low income families are over weight because they can go get a cheeseburger from crackdonalds for buck. you could feed a family of three for 12 bucks. maybe it would force people to do what they should GROW YOUR OWN! that goes for both food and cannabis.

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