Photos: Black voter turns white in campaign flier opposing bill NAACP supports

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hackstaff flyer 205x205.jpg
Big photos below.
At 4 p.m. today, the Senate's State Affairs committee is scheduled to consider House Bill 13-1303, a measure intended to make it easier to vote in Colorado.

The NAACP Colorado Montana Wyoming State Area Conference has endorsed the proposal even as it decries one particular attempt to rally opposition via a campaign flier that doubles as a race card. Specifically, a photo of voters waiting in line alters or erases two African-Americans to visually imply that only white people and/or clones would be hurt by the legislation.

According to local conference president Rosemary Harris Lytle, the organization has endorsed the bill "mostly because of the access it provides for voters, and the way it makes democracy work better for more people."

rosemary harris lytle.jpg
Rosemary Harris Lytle.
She highlights language to allow same-day voting registration, noting that "so many other states have that, including Wyoming, and it works very well. And we also support having more service centers, which had been an issue in Colorado Springs in the last election. We need to have centers where you register, update and vote available in more communities. That will really modernize elections in Colorado.

"For the NAACP, one of our five game-changers is voting-rights reform and greater access to voting for all people. That's an important part of what we do."

Given this focus, Harris Lytle was shocked by a flier spotlighted by Colorado Pols. The missive, which was distributed in Mesa and La Plata counties, argues that 13-303 is a scheme by President Barack Obama and Democrats to "undermine elections and allow rampant voter fraud." Here's a look at the Mesa County version:

hackstaff flyer.jpg
At first glance, the lower photo doesn't seem especially unusual. But compare it to the original image, which a Colorado Pols commenter identifies as originating with the Washington Post.

hackstaff flyer photo.jpg
As you can see, the woman wearing the light-colored hoodie in the foreground is African-American, and an African-American man is standing behind her. In the campaign flier, though, the man is gone and the woman's face is replaced by the visage of the person standing next to her. The result is a horribly Photoshopped version of identical twins.

Colorado Pols created an image to make comparing and contrasting easy.

Continue for more about the voting bill and the altered campaign flier opposing it.

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David Court
David Court

"You can trust us .... Just check out our flier."

Justin Harned
Justin Harned

Wow. I find people that "trust" any form of government, whether local, state, or especially federal to be completely ignorant and total fools.

Adj Hernandez
Adj Hernandez

I'm more insulted by the laziness of the photoshopping than the message.


When will it end ? As a female african american, I cant help but notice at the advent of the obama administrations legacy, every racial issue known to man has unveiled itself. It's painful to say the least, and while I do wish for earlier days of naivety, and politically correct behavior . . . these past four years and the next four are bound to be even more educational . . . or the equivalent of exposing rats in a sewer.


holy shit im blown away that westword reported this


@Justin Harned - Your comment cannot just be ignored. This campaign piece was  NOT put out by any elected person. It was distributed by an private group trying to influence the democratic process.. Try reading the article first, before you make yourself a Total Fool.

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@latexlolita Thanks for the post, latexlolita. We're going to make it an upcoming Comment of the Day. Much appreciated.

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