Reader: Botched executions don't make me sympathize with murderers

Our post about ten executions gone horribly wrong, inspired by the failure of recent legislation to outlaw the practice and the decision to seek the death penalty against James Holmes, stirred strong feelings on both sides of the issue. Here's one example, from a reader who has a hard time seeing killers as victims.

Josh Bradley writes:

I'm sure their victims didnt have a choice to go peacefully, so why should the killers? If anything, we execute them too humanely.

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What I'm wondering is: why is execution only considered for those that execute? What about those that kidnap little girls or boys and torture and rape and kill them? what about those that sexually molest others for years? these types of crimes ruin victims and many other lives for the rest of their lives. why aren't these people executed for executing someone's spirit and will in life? Those kind of acts, at least to me, are what I would call cruel and heinous. Me? Id rather be gunned down or have one I loved taken quickly than raped or molested or tortured or kept a sex slave or or served up as a meal for some cannibal or god knows what! The death penalty should be abolished. The money used to kill could be better spent to educate and cure.

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