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colorado travel posters 205x205.jpg
Big photos below.
Early this month, a Huffington Post writer called Colorado the fifth most overrated travel destination on the planet. That claim struck us as utter nonsense, but we understand why there might be some backlash. After all, the state has inspired some of the most gorgeous and memorable travel posters for decades.

Look below to check out twenty that caught our eye. They're so striking those of you from out of state may book flights here immediately, no matter what some HuffPo moron might say.

colorado travel posters 1.jpg

colorado travel posters 2.jpg

colorado travel posters 6.jpg

colorado travel posters 3.jpg
Continue for more of our eye-popping Colorado travel posters gallery.

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Obviously pre-californication, Now it's stand in line to stand in line to look at people.


Those posters are ill -- especially the Aspen one.  Colorado rules!

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