Photos: Denver Cruisers' hilarious April Fools' theme schedule -- and the real thing

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bicycle underwear 205x205.jpg
Big photos and videos below.
Each year around this time, the Denver Cruisers announce ride themes for the rest of the year. But yesterday's list was wacky even by the group's standards -- unless you were expecting a concept built around "Skid Marks & Seamen Stains."

April Fools! The Cruisers subsequently posted the actual theme list -- but we thought the joke one was too funny to forget. Look below to see our photo illustrations of the April Fools' version, as well as the real thing.

April Fools' list: May 16 -- Shopping Carts & Sleeping Bags

bicycle shopping cart flickr.jpg

Real list: May 15 -- Hi Ho Silver

lone ranger silver.jpg

April Fools' list: May 22 -- What Smells Like Piss?

smells bad flickr.jpg

Real list: May 22 -- Under The Sea

under the sea little mermaid.jpg
Continue for more of the Denver Cruiser's hilarious April Fools' theme schedule -- and the real thing.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Farmers & Farm Animals!

Daisie Bird
Daisie Bird

Bible Belt and Panties had my jaw dropped. At the same time, I can do panties easier than skid marks & semen stains.

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