Denver Stiffs braintrust agrees: Nuggets defeat Warriors in five

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Ty Lawson.
Denver blog posts think it's appropriate the Nuggets will be playing the first playoff game when the clock strikes 4:20.

Denver Stiffs' Nate Timmons is one of four regular bloggers on the site to predict the Nuggets will win their first-round playoff series in five games.

Colorado Pols checks in on the key legislative races of 2014.

Mile High Mamas' Lisa Vratny-Smith on how to negotiate to stop little ones from nagging. If only that worked with adults....

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Juan_Leg topcommenter

I loathe the NBA but that was one hell of a game yesterday ! They couldn't find the basket in the 2nd but came out BLAZING in the 3rd !

I'm afraid to root for the Nuggets to win it all . I don't want the city burned down, w/ cops discharging their firearms in every direction, only to blame it on some 'weed hating' ALLEGED, gang members !.....

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