Eric Williams's bust in Texas DA murders nixes theory about Colorado white supremacy link

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mike mclelland.jpg
Mike McLelland.
The deaths of the McLellands took place at around 6 p.m. on March 30 in Kauman. Sources told a Dallas TV station that a police officer who was friendly with the couple stopped by their house on Saturday evening to find the front door ajar.

Cynthia McLelland's body is said to have been found in the front room, while her husband's was in the hallway.

cynthia mclelland.jpg
Cynthia McLelland.
To say these factors offered no definitive proof of a tie to the Clements killing is to understate the obvious. The evidence released to the public right after the McLellands' deaths was not only circumstantial but vague.

Moreover, local sources speaking to Westword raised questions about the 211 prison gang conspiracy theory offered by the Post. But that didn't snuff out the theory that the Texas murders and the death of Clements might be connected -- at least until the arrest of Williams's wife, Kim, and her statements about the complicity of her husband, Eric, who was already in custody.

That's because the motive appears to be simple revenge.

As reported by CBS, Eric Williams is a former Justice of the Peace who was sacked after being caught on surveillance cameras swiping some computer equipment from a Kaufman County building.

His prosecutors in the case? Hasse and McLelland.

kim williams.jpg
Kim Williams.
Following Hasse's murder, Williams was not only quizzed but tested for gunpowder residue, but no arrest was made. That changed after the McLellands died, however. A few days later, Williams allegedly sent a threatening e-mail that was traced to his computer and led to him being taken into custody. Then, on April 16, Kim Williams was questioned, and the answers she provided led to her arrest. Here's an excerpt from the her arrest warrant, on view below:
During the interview, Kim Williams confessed to her involvement to the scheme and course of conduct in the shooting deaths of Mark Hasse, Michael McLelland and Cynthia McLelland. Kim Williams described in detail her role along with that of her husband, Eric Williams, whom she reported to have shot to death Mark Hasse on January 31, 2013, and Michael and Cynthia McLelland on March 30, 2013. During the interview, the defendant gave details of both offenses which had not been made public.
At this writing, Eric is being held on $3 million bond, and Kim's is even higher -- $10 million. And while both are presumed innocent until proven guilty, the notion that Evan Ebel or his associates had something to do with the Texas murders has already been thoroughly discredited.

Here's a look at Eric Williams's twin mug shots, plus the Kim Williams arrest warrant.

eric williams mug shot.jpg
Eric Williams.

Kim Williams Arrest Warrant.pdf

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Yep and it puts a huge kink in Rick Perry's theory about the Mexican Cartel. 

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Theories are like assholes, everyone .......


damn this guy looks like the standard white supremacist and kkk member, running shit outside the institutions LOL not all of em are shaved headed and tattooed LOL

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Anyone ever notice that whenever a white "supremacist" has a photo displayed, supremacy is the last thing that comes to your mind? number one cause of all hate is insecurity, and these fat, bible hugging, illiterates have it by the the boatload... 

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