Photos: Five most expensive properties for sale in Aspen

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Big photos below.
In recent months, we've shared photo posts of the most expensive homes for sale in Denver and Boulder. But they're practically shacks compared to the priciest properties available in Aspen, where the reported sale of John Denver's Windstar Foundation, listed last year for $13.5 million, is small potatoes by comparison. As seen on, they include such accoutrements such as a glass elevator and a furnished teepee with gas! Look below to see spectacular photos, and click the links to be taken to the actual listings -- just in case you're ready to drop $75 million or so.

Number 5: Woody Creek Farm/Ranch -- $37,500,000

2013 most expensive aspen real estate 5a.jpg
"The last remaining original Aspen ranch! 245 acres (95 irrigated), substantial water rights, over a mile of ownership of collins creek and woody creek, backs up to national forest. flying dog ranch offers two separate development parcels with large development rights: up to 15,000 square feet of far on the main parcel, in up to 3 homes plus barns; 10,750 on the 59-acre east parcel in one home plus barns. two other parcels allow barns only. approvals vested until 2023. huge views and extreme privacy."

2013 most expensive aspen real estate 5b.jpg

2013 most expensive aspen real estate 5c.jpg

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Continue to keep counting down the five most expensive properties in Aspen.

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I got a mansion, forget the price.

Ain't never been there, they tell me it's nice.

-Joe Walsh

Steve At Work
Steve At Work

They fucking earned it. I'm sick of the media portraying those who CHOSE to study hard, improve themselves, and build their worth being looked upon as predators.


A pathetic waste of land and money for non-Coloradans who spend their week here to claim their from Colorado. This is a another good reason for a revolution.

Zach Stock
Zach Stock

More like .001%, 1% implies earning in excess of $400,000/yr....I assure you that you cannot by this house on a $400,000/yr salary

Jessica Avery
Jessica Avery

Have to wonder how many of those are vacation homes only utilized a handful of weeks out of the year.

John S. Schafluetzel
John S. Schafluetzel

I vomit in my throat a bit to see such unashamed, inequitable affluence. Just goes to show this republic has many kings.

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