Daryl Thompson Sr. and Jr., held for Charles Harris killing: "Mad Dog" past questions (72)

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Photos, video below.
Update: Two people have been arrested in the April 24 shooting death of Charles Edward Harris; see our previous coverage below.

The pair in custody are Daryl Thompson Sr. and Daryl Thompson Jr. They're a father and son reportedly nicknamed Big Mad Dog and Little Mad Dog.

The elder Thompson has plenty of gang arrests on his record -- but is he also a born-again Christian and anti-gang activist?

As we've reported, Harris was shot to death at a home near the intersection of 38th and Grape. The original Denver Police Department release about the crime referred to a single suspect who allegedly shot Harris during an argument and fled the scene -- but as noted above, two people have been arrested in connection with the crime.

A probable cause statement cited by the Denver Post provides more detail. According to the document, Harris struck Thompson in the face during an argument at a home , then headed to a nearby liquor store on East 38th Avenue -- presumably Vinny's Liquor, at East 38th and Holly. Its address is seen in this 2011 Google Maps image:

vinnys liquor.jpg
The two Thompsons are said to have walked up behind Harris, with the younger Daryl sending a bullet into Harris and firing additional shots even after he had collapsed.

A witness saw what happened, and Thompson Sr. allegedly told him, "You better not...tell anybody."

This line presumably accounts for two of the charges for which Daryl Sr. is being investigated -- intimidation of a witness and tampering with a witness. He's also suspected of first-degree murder and accessory to a crime. Meanwhile, Daryl Jr. is being held on investigation of first-degree murder.

7News reveals that Daryl Sr. has a busy rap sheet, with busts dating back to 1989, when he was busted for auto theft at age nineteen. His other arrests include attempted murder, domestic violence and obstructing police, plus eleven assault beefs.

bruce randolph shooting.jpg
The scene at the Bruce Randolph shooting in May 2012.
But does he have another side to him? During a web search, we came upon a Denver Post article about a May 2012 daylight shooting at Bruce Randolph and York Street that killed two people, Justin O'Donnell and Deon Rudd. You may recall controversy over the incident, because it drew a large crowd whose members were shocked that the body of at least one victim was left in the street for hours after the crime.

The Post article jumps out due to a mention of a man named Daryl Thompson, who identified himself as a former gang member. Here's an excerpt:

Daryl Thompson, a neighborhood gang member from 1984 until he became a born-again Christian in 2001, spoke to older women in the crowd telling them to calm their sons.

He gave each one his cellphone number and begged them to have their sons contact him so he could steer them into a gang-prevention program.

"It's going to go down this summer," he said, only raising one eyebrow when asked to explain "it."

Could this be the same Daryl Thompson? We've got a call into the Denver Police Department and will update this item when we hear back.

Continue for our previous coverage of Charles Edward Harris's violent death.

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Steve At Work
Steve At Work

Really, big and little mad dog? Well, they got that right, they're both mangey mongrels. Get a rope.

David Kotzebue
David Kotzebue

PASSED!!! Or did U mean to say, "PAST QUESTIONED?"


Please get him buried QUICKLY !

It's beginning to get warm .....

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