Video: Isabel Perez, sole survivor of mom Mayra Nunez's murders, continues miracle recovery

isabel perez 205x205.jpg
Photos, video below.
Isabel Perez, nicknamed Bella, has beaten tremendous odds simply by being alive.

Back in February, she was shot by Mayra Nunez, her mom, in a burst of violence that ended the lives of her siblings, Nivek and Eric. Nunez later took her own life, and Bella wasn't expected to survive.

Somehow she did, however, and this week, her family invited the media to marvel at her progress. See photos and videos below.

At the time of our original post, Tony Nunez, Mayra's brother, said that Mayra and her husband Ricky Perez, "were having a little argument" on the evening of Tuesday, February 5. As we've reported, the fight was apparently serious enough that Perez decided to spend the night at a friend's place rather than his own -- something he relayed to Tony in a phone call.

mayra nunez with three kids.jpg
Mayra Nunez with Nivek, Eric and Bella.
After the spat, Tony called his sister to check on her. "I told her, 'You want me to go get you?'" he said at the time. Her reply, he said, was "No, no, we're fine. Just a married couple thing."

At some point afterward, however, it became infinitely more than that.

At around 7 a.m. the next morning, Ricky returned to his home, near East 49th Avenue and Pearl Street in Globeville -- and the scene he found was described as "horrific." He subsequently phoned Tony and conveyed what had taken place in four simple, straight-forward, earth-shattering words: "She shot the kids."

pearl street shooting victims.jpg
Another look at Eric, Bella and Nivek.
The emotions this discovery unleashed are conveyed in police recordings obtained by the station.

"A father is hysterical, crying, but he says the two-year-old is still breathing," a dispatcher was quoted as saying. "[It] sounds like it's a mom that shot a couple of her kids and possibly herself. Police are pulling up on scene now."

Nivek and Eric were reportedly already dead by the time help arrived. But, the dispatcher later noted, "One child is crying and breathing. Possibly shot in the head."

Continue for more about the amazing recovery of Isabel Perez, including multiple videos.

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This is the result of hispanic family values. Take note America. Hispanics are on the trajectory to become as depraved as blacks.

Marcie Guerrero
Marcie Guerrero

Wish I could just take her home with me!!! Strong lovely survivor.


I wish Grandma & Grandpa ALL the power and strength to live out their lives in the situation which has been surprisingly cast upon them !!!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

More American Gun Madness!


I'm PISSED the gun WASN'T equipped w/a 100 round, automatic,  clip !

This may have never happened ! OR the cops would have shown up, SHOT EVERYONE,      ( INCLUDING THE DOG ! ), & blamed it on the girl .....

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