Thomas Guolee, white-supremacist-of-interest in Tom Clements killing, busted in Springs

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thomas guolee mug shot 205x205.jpg
Big photos, video below.
Update: The El Paso County Sheriff's Office recently issued an alert for two alleged white supremacists thought to have been in touch with Evan Ebel shortly before he allegedly killed Colorado prison boss Tom Clements in March. The first of the pair, James Lohr, 47, was arrested in Colorado Springs last week; see our coverage below. Now, the second, Thomas Guolee, 31, has been busted in the same city -- a relief to his mom, who begged for him to surrender, and authorities looking into the Clements killing.

As we've reported, Ebel, whose prison records are chock-a-block with accounts of guard-punching and feces-smearing, is said to have been affiliated with the 211 prison crew, known as a white-supremacist organization.

evan ebel mug shot 205x205.jpg
Evan Ebel.
We continue to hear conflicting reports about the group, with questions raised about whether the 211 outfit is an active organization or one that's splintered, with assorted rogue elements going their own way. Nonetheless, authorities identified Lohr and Guolee, both reportedly onetime 211 members, as persons of interest in the Clements case, because they allegedly communicated with Ebel in the 24-36 hours before the murder took place.

Ebel is also thought to have killed pizza-delivery man Nathan Leon, whose widow, Katie Leon, has publicly slammed the suspected killer's mistaken early release -- an error that, in her view, led to their four-year-old twins, along with Nathan's other child, losing their father.

Guolee's rap sheet is said to include witness intimidation, while Lohr was wanted for a Las Animas County bail violation and defying a protection order. They were thought to have high-tailed it to either Nevada or Texas, but Lohr was grabbed last week in Colorado Springs, prompting a mug shot revealing new tattoos -- a shamrock (said to be a white-supremacist identifier) on a cheekbone and the words "Hard" and "Luck" over his eyes in place of brows. Here's a look at that booking photo:

james lohr mug shot 2.jpg
James Lohr.
Debbie Eck, Guloee's mom, says her son has a couple of notable tattoos, as well -- the word "White" on one leg, "Power" on the other.

The latest? Guolee was arrested yesterday afternoon, reportedly at the home of an acquaintance in Colorado Springs.

debbie eck.jpg
Debbie Eck.
This news was reassuring to Eck, even though it required some explaining to Guolee's young daughter, for whom she's been caring.

"She knows that Daddy's in trouble and we had sit down and tell her the police were looking for Daddy again," she told 7News.

Yes, Daddy's in trouble: He's being held without bond. But neither he nor Lohr has been named an official suspect in the Clements case, and it's unclear whether such a connection can be made.

Look below to see the 7News report, followed by our previous coverage.

Continue for our post about the capture of James Lohr, including photos and video.

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Legal kidnapping by El Paso county !


What are these men charged with?

Was a warrant issued by a court?

Why are they being detained?

If it were the RICO ACT they would still need to be indicted.

The 14th amendment guarantees the right to due process.

Steve At Work
Steve At Work

I think it's reasonable to question the intelligence of someone who still subscribes to racial inequality. I'm not surprised such still exist but I do wonder what causes someone to develop such animosity toward another for no other reason than race. It defies logic.


I've come across several bald, tattooed, cops recently .

Shouldn't THEY be detained & questioned ?

Especially following 'aided', non-authorized, releases ......


Divad Mcpot
Divad Mcpot

this is another of the illuminates complots he is soooo innocent


I kinda resemble the fellow they just detained . I may need to get in contact w/ 'Roger' & borrow a cpl wigs .


I work/worked w/ many leaving prison AND my NEWEST advice will be if you are white & w/o hair, GROW IT BACK or get PROFILED !!!!!!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

White Trash News Flash !!


@CloudGang but cops can beat Landau to within an inch of his life. This whole episode shows they are not only brutal, but incompetent.



From the news reports and LEO announcements, they are being held on outstanding warrants and also being detained pending investigation of felony assisting escape and possible complicity/accessory to first degree murder.



Did they have racist gang shit tatooed all over their faces, bodies, etc...?


Yeah.....a little more difficult to hide the racist gang shit tattoed on the face.... #profileyourself 



@stuka1 yeah and if they were wearing hoodies they should be shot on the spot. 

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@stuka1 You make a good point, stuka1. Thanks for the post.

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