Kaitlin Kenney, R.I.P.: Young musician's body found in Grand Canyon, positively identified

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Photos, videos below.
In January, we told you about the search for Kaitlin Kenney, a 21-year-old Denver-area musician who'd gone missing while traveling with a group in the Grand Canyon.

At the time, her mom expressed resignation rather than hope for a positive outcome, and unfortunately, she was right. Late last month, a body was discovered, and it's now been positively identified as Kenney.

Details and photos of a remarkable young woman below.

As we've reported, Kaitlin was a longtime participant in the Colorado Old Time Fiddlers' Association. Here's a photo of a younger Kaitlin making beautiful music....

kaitlin kenney 2.jpg
...and this is how she looked when she won first place in the young adult category at the 2011 Colorado Fiddle Championships.

kaitlin kenney.jpg
Then, on Christmas day, Kaitlin set out on a thirty-day trip to the Grand Canyon.

All was good for the first week or two. Note that on January 6, her mother, Linnea, shared the following note on Facebook: "Our baby girl is 21 today! Happy Birthday, Kaitlin."

linnea kenney.jpg
Linnea Kenney.
But on Friday night, Kaitlin vanished from the group with whom she was traveling, and authorities feared she might have fallen into the nearby river. According to 7News, an extensive search got underway promptly. But Linnea knew a successful outcome was unlikely. She posted the following on Facebook:
Please say a prayer for our family. Our sweet Kaitlin is with the angels. She was our balloon let loose in a room and lived life to it's fullest, always with a smile. We were blessed to have her in our lives.
In mid-January, the National Park Service announced that the search for Kaitlin had been scaled back. Another couple of months passed after that before a discovery that would prove heartbreaking.

Continue for more about Kaitlin Kenney, including videos.

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I wonder if it's being ruled a homicide....

Danny Ferguson
Danny Ferguson

This is sad. Another young life cut short. Our hearts go out to her family and friends.

Susan L. Padilla
Susan L. Padilla

How sad, my prayers to the family, she is with the Angels now.

Michele Wilson Trujillo
Michele Wilson Trujillo

Very sad. Deepest condolences to Kaitlin's family...thinking of her mom Linda today and COTFA.

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