Ken McGill: Read lawsuit of inmate who suffered stroke in jail, wasn't treated for 24 hours

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On September 17, 2012, as detailed in this week's cover story, "Life Sentence," Ken McGill suffered a stroke while incarcerated at Jefferson County Detention Facility for a DUI, and he told everyone he could about it. In response, he was forced to spend the night on the floor of solitary confinement and medical personnel working for Correctional Healthcare Companies (CHC), a Greenwood Village-based company that manages the jail's medical operation, waited more than 24 hours before taking him to the hospital.

Now, McGill says he's permanently disabled, and is suing Jefferson County and CHC. Read the lawsuit below.

Ken McGill Lawsuit

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Although he was there for a crime is supposedly did or did not do I do not like the fact that they waited so long this man could have died I think whoever was directly responsible for not getting the medical staff there to treat him right away should be help responsible as well as the head of the jail. The Simple fact is i bet that dui charge disappears off his record to because he can clam the DA forced him to stay with a high bail amount. just pointing out a few things ether way its bad


The arrogance that is the Jefferson County Sheriff's Dept.- led by Ted Mink who will soon be onto his next political stunt.


The only way to make it right is to subject these jailers and their bosses to some nights in jail. It might help them lose some weight, too.


Money can't make this right, but I hope he gets a million dollars for each hour he was neglected.

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