Photo: NFL running back LenDale White at the High Times Cannabis Cup

LenDale White Cannabis Cup.jpg
LenDale White.
Sean Azzariti (who we've featured in this space in the past) is a veteran of the Iraq War, medical marijuana patient, an advocate for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress who want to be able to use cannabis to help them cope, and a cannabis enthusiast.

Azzariti also happens to be an NFL fan, and this past weekend, he spotted free agent running back LenDale White inside the medical marijuana patient area of the High Times Cannabis Cup. And White was cool enough to stop and take a picture with Azzariti. Larger version below.

lendalewhite sean azaritti.jpg
LenDale White and Sean Azzariti at the High Times Cannabis Cup.
No telling if White is actually a Colorado medical cannabis cardholder -- or if he managed to get by the single security guard into the private patient like dozens of other people that day.

But it would make sense if he was -- or at least wouldn't surprise us. White was born and raised here, and played high school ball for South High School and Chatfield Senior High School in the early 2000s. Dude also attended college in pot-friendly California at USC and was last signed in the NFL in 2011 to the Broncos.

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Any other incriminating & evasive photos you'd like to share ?

Linsey Hays
Linsey Hays

Michael phelps is still swimming isn't he? I believe he's still winning medals.. And I'm sure still smoking weed also

Joel H-train Hunt
Joel H-train Hunt

Yeah might be a good reason why he's not still playing either!!!!!!


if he's currently a NFL player, wouldn't he face a suspension for this? 

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Joel H-train Hunt  ... why do you think they call it Dope ??

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@johnpsi White is a free agent, so he's not with any team right now. If he was on a roster, he could indeed face a suspension for this. Thanks for the post.

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