Photos: Lynn and Ken Kubic's house burns down -- with 8,000 reptiles inside

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lynn kubic snake 205x205.jpg
Big photos below.
This morning, a house near 144th and Umpire near Brighton was engulfed in flames, and judging by photos on view below, it's a total loss.

Fortunately, no people were hurt as a result of the blaze.

But five dogs reportedly died, and the loss of life could be infinitely greater when it comes to snakes and reptiles in the home -- as many as 8,000 of them.

Continue for the surprising details.

The fire was fought this morning in extremely difficult conditions -- temperatures were around twelve degrees at the time.

CBS4 posted a number of photos that indicate the thoroughness of the destruction. Here's one....

lynn kubic fire 1.jpg
Courtesy of CBS4
...and here's another:

lynn kubic fire 2.jpg
Courtesy of CBS4
At this writing, CBS4 hasn't named the owners of the home -- but Fox31 reveals that they are Lynn and Ken Kubic, who are identified by the station as "breeders of rare snakes."

That's not all, however. Lynn Kubic's Facebook page lists her as the owner and operator of two affiliated businesses: Colorado Jurassic Pets and Jurassic Pets, Inc.. The Facebook page for the latter, as well as Lynn's personal page, are filled with photos of exotic reptiles -- not just snakes, although there are a lot of them, but also a wide array of lizards. We've shared a sampling of them below.

Another Kubic business, Boas and Balls, features more background about the Kubics in Lynn's "about" section. Here's an excerpt:

My husband Ken and I have been keeping and breeding boas since 1985. We only started breeding ball pythons in 2005, but with all the beautiful combos they make they have taken over. We live in the colorful state of Colorado where we own and run 3 businesses. Boas and Balls, Willard's Rodent Factory and the Rocky Mountain Reptile Expo.
Rocky Mountain Reptile is very much a going concern; its website lists a slew of upcoming shows, with the next one slated for May 11. Also on the home page is this photo of Lynn and a very close friend.

lynn kubic photo.JPG
Lynn Kubic, left.
At this writing, we don't know how many reptiles perished in the fire, or which ones might have been lost. But new snakes were coming along all the time, as indicated by this photo posted on March 31 along with a note that reads "JUST HATCHING TODAY:"

lynn kubic snakes 1.jpg
Continue for more reptile photos and a video from the Rocky Mountain Reptile Expo.


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The hatchling cobra picture is Tom Crutchfield's not their's....make sure you check what photos are theirs and what photos they shared from other fb pages & Kym the tiny plastic cages pictured are displays for shows only the animals do not live in them full time -_-

Kym Bloom
Kym Bloom

How cruel that they kept all those snakes in tiny plastic cages. Very sad.

Christopher Johnston
Christopher Johnston

The fire is likely related to the absolute squalor these people kept their animals in. From what I have heard of those who have seen inside, their home was filthy and their animals very poorly kept. I am betting it was an electrical fire related to animal bedding/heat tape. It's a shame to lose your home, but this is why animals should be kept properly.


Christopher are you kidding me! It started in the garage! And the house wasn't dirty. It's dirty now because well the house fell apart. You are an ignorant person who listens to crap that is not real. I feel sorry for you. But thanks for the concern were fine. And by the way Lynn loves those animals. She went in the house WHILE it was on fire to try and get them out. She treats them how they should be if not better. And we're trying to morn the lose of our dogs, we don't need crap from ignorant people like you.

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