Marijuana: Doonesbury's Zonker moving to Boulder to become "respected drug lord"

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zonker doonesbury hemp farmer 205x205.jpg
Illustrations below.
Last month, we wrote about the Colorado-centric storyline in Doonesbury featuring Zonker Harris, who announced that he was moving to Colorado to become a hemp farmer; see our original post below.

Since then, we've put out the welcome mat for Zonker by featuring him on the cover of Westword for our 4/20 issue -- and he's rewarding us with details about relocating to the Boulder area to become a "respected drug lord." Details and excerpts below.

Over the past few days, Zonker and his nephew, Zipper, have been saying their goodbyes as they head toward our fair state. Here's a hilarious example from April 19:

doonesbury april 19.jpg
Good thing there's no stigma -- because on that same day, this image was in news racks all over the Denver metro area:

westword cover zonker.jpg
Yesterday's strip put Zipper in the spotlight. Here's frame one:

doonesbury april 23 1.jpg
In frame two, Boulder is name-checked:

doonesbury april 23 2.jpg
This green-rush pitch definitely hits home, as is clear from frame three:

doonesbury april 23 3.jpg
What will happen when Zonker and Zipper arrive? We can't wait to find out.

Continue for our original post about Zonker and hemp farming.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

KevinHunt and Stupa1 can join Zonk and become Emperors of Hemp -- getting RICH like a Chinese Farmer at $200 / acre!

Just like all the MedPot Millionaires in Colorado ... never mind the wasteland of financial destruction and hundreds of bankrupt dispensaries.

Easy $$ for all those 3-plant Farmers soon to be Bazillionaires! ... one pathetic ounce at a time.

Doug Hubka
Doug Hubka

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