Photos: See what streets will be nightmares due to President Obama's visit

traffic jam 205x205.jpg
Big photos below.
This afternoon, President Barack Obama is scheduled to make an appearance in the Denver area as part of his continuing advocacy of tougher gun-control laws -- like the ones recently signed in Colorado. It's always exciting to have the POTUS in town, even if he seemed to be here every other day during last year's campaign season. But his arrival tends to cause traffic nightmares, and with the NRA urging its members to stand up in protest even though the event's not open to the public, this stop could be even worse than usual. Look below to see where street closures will happen.

The President will be speaking at the Denver Police Academy, 2155 North Akron Way. The scheduled start time is 2:30 p.m., but the Prez isn't exactly known for being punctual, so it could be considerably later than that, with the after-effects likely to impact rush hour in the area.

According to the Denver Police Department, there will be two main street closures. The first blockade will go up at Central Park Boulevard at Montview Boulevard, with Central Park Boulevard off limits....

central park boulevard at montview boulevard.jpg
Central Park Boulevard at Montview Boulevard.
...past the Denver Police Academy building....

denver police academy.jpg
The Denver Police Academy. East 21st Avenue.

central park boulevard at east 21st avenue.jpg
Central Park Boulevard at East 21st Avenue.
The other main closure begins at Central Park Boulevard and North Akron Way....

central park boulevard at akron way.jpg
Central Park Boulevard at North Akron Way.
...with North Akron Way shut down until East 22nd Avenue.

akron way at east 22nd avenue.jpg
North Akron Way at East 22nd Avenue.
In between is the Bill Roberts School (no relation):

bill roberts school.jpg
The Bill Roberts School.
No doubt the school's students, faculty and parents will have a fun day today.

Continue reading for more spots to avoid.

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This article would've been much more helpful if it had included an actual MAP instead of photos of the affected streets, which are completely useless to the readers.


What he really needs to do is stop using people as props, instead get people who really support your message instead of forcing them to stand behind & be puppets for this man. 

davebarnes topcommenter

This is why we need a law in Colorado that forbids POTUS and VPOTUS from entering the state.


@victoria86vs Like the sailors and the ship for Bush's Mission Accomplished lie?  Jesus, you people are the biggest bunch of babies I've ever seen.  


ha... Don't get me started on the countless lies Obama has said & you all eat it up like candy. 

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