Photos: Single Infertile Female has a happy ending -- and a new baby

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Big photos below.
Back in 2010, we told the quirky tale of Leah Campbell, who blogs under the name Single Infertile Female.

Her concept? Asking the online community which sperm donor she should choose.

Unfortunately, this novel effort didn't result in Campbell getting pregnant. But her journey ended in a happy place anyhow. Campbell has a new and very beautiful baby -- see photos below -- who came her way in a most unlikely way.

As we reported in our original post, Campbell, who lives in Alaska, created an online community under the Single Infertile Female name with the help of BlogFrog.Com, a Boulder-based company that touted itself as America's largest network of communities for online moms. The firm recently rebranded itself as Tap Influence, which specializes in "cloud-based software for influencer marketing."

leah single infertile female.jpg
Campbell in 2010.
Campbell desperately wanted to have a child, but she was diagnosed with endometriosis, described on the Mayo Clinic website as "a disorder of the female reproductive system. In endometriosis, the endometrium, which normally lines your uterus, grows in other places as well. Most often, this growth is on your fallopian tubes, ovaries or the tissue lining your pelvis." The ailment can, and often does, cause fertility problems.

Doctors performed surgery on Campbell in November 2009 and discovered that her endometriosis had progressed with frightening speed, registering the equivalent of two or three years of growth in six months' time.

During the procedure, she said, "I had one of my tubes removed. The other one is still there, but it's so scarred that they told me IVF" -- in vitro fertilization -- "was the only safe route for pregnancy." Moreover, her physicians, including a reproductive endocrinologist based in Seattle, told her that if she wanted to have a child, she needed to get going right away or her dream might never become a reality.

leah donor one vial cost 645.jpg
The donor chosen by Campbell. Click here to read his profile.
When she received this advice, Leah was in a relationship. But the guy in question simply wasn't ready to take such a big step. "He already had two kids from a previous marriage," she said, "and the sped-up time frame was a bit much for him. It wasn't something he was able to go through with me. I had to decide if I was going to wait for the man to be ready or decide if I was going to through it myself."

She eventually chose the latter course, after which she asked community members, and anyone else who wanted to weigh in, to help her choose among her top three sperm-donor candidates, with the polls closing, appropriately enough, on Mother's Day.

"I can't even begin to tell you how weird it is to be shopping for sperm," Campbell said before voting ended. "It's not one of those things you ever think you'll be doing -- judging men online by their various attributes to decide if you want them to be your baby's father."

Shortly thereafter, Campbell announced that she'd chosen a donor. It wasn't the one who received the most votes, although she revealed in a followup post that "he was close and he had the least amount of haters. There really was just very little bad that could be said about him."

Just as important, he "had an almost unanimous vote from those friends and family who are close to me. All the people who really know me chose the same person, except for my sister in law, who chose the donor who reminded me the most of my brother from the very beginning. I had to kind of laugh at her pick, especially when she was the only one who deviated from the choices of everyone else I know!"

All this effort came to naught, though. "It ended up failing," Campbell says now. "I never did get pregnant."

So how did she wind up with a beautiful new daughter named Josie Natalia? That's another story.

Continue for more about Single Infertile Female's happy ending, including photos.

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I'm sure everyone is thanking 'god' for this miracle .

Didn't god blaze off to heaven leaving his 'son' behind ?

This is a triumph for the woman and medical staff who assisted her .

I wish the mother & son the happiest of life !!!

Leah Campbell
Leah Campbell

Ha! Well, the quirky "help me select a sperm donor" project didn't exactly end happy, but... over two years later, the serendipitous and unexpected adoption of my daughter definitely has it all finally making sense! ;) I can't imagine ever loving anyone more, even with only having a week to prepare for her!

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@Juan_Leg We wish Leah and her daughter the best as well. Thanks for the post, Juan.


@Single Infertile Female 

As an adopted child (now mid forties and recently lost her adopted Mother) -  I don't think words can really translate that special bond.  Enjoy!


@michael.roberts Appreciate the correction . I'm just truly happy for the woman AND DAUGHTER !  I mistyped . Do it quite a bit, but my point is usually made ...

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