Photos: Top ten Passive-Aggressive Notes from Colorado, 2013 edition

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2013 passive aggressive notes 205x205.jpg
Big photos below.
Last year, we paid tribute to the ultra-funny Passive-Aggressive Notes website with a collection of our ten favorite Passive-Aggressive Notes from Colorado. But a year later, Coloradans have shared plenty more passive aggression, on subjects ranging from extreme Christmas light displays and restaurant service to dog crap and urinal use. We've collected our latest ten faves, including notes and photos. Check them out below, and click on the links to visit the original posts. Enjoy them passively or aggressively -- your choice.

Number 10: You're getting a gift whether you invite me to your bridal shower or not!

the husband trap.jpg
Note: The inscription above was on a "trashy romance novel" found in a Colorado Goodwill. What a passive-aggressive reaction!

Number 9: The homeowners association said to paint the fence....

take that hoas photo.jpg
From Colorado Springs -- a smiley face that undoubtedly masks a bunch of other expressions.

Continue for more of our top ten Passive-Aggressive Notes from Colorado, 2013 edition.

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