Photos: Twenty most memorable mug shots of March 2013

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andrew walton mug shot 205x205.jpg
Big photos below.
March in Colorado crime was dominated by Evan Ebel, who's thought to have murdered pizza-delivery man Nathan Leon and Colorado Department of Corrections executive director Tom Clements before being gunned down in Texas. But he was far from the only person whose booking photos rose to the top of the stack this month, for reasons that typically ranged from bad to very bad. Look below to see the twenty most memorable mug shots from the just-ended month -- and be sure to click on the names or links to check out the rest of the story.

erin jackson mug shot final.JPG
Erin Jackson.
Read more in "Video: Erin Jackson, busted in East High hit-and-run, is a teacher and slam poet."

daniel donald dewild mug shot.jpg
Daniel DeWild.
Read more in "Video: Daniel DeWild gets 74 years for brutal murder after twin brother's reenactment."

carmen wysong mug shot.jpg
Carmen Wysong.
Read more in "Carmen Wysong, schmucky Girl Scouts troop leader, stole thousands in cookie money."

shaun tobelmann mug shot.jpg
Shaun Tobelmann.
Read more in "Shaun Tobelmann allegedly went from punching girlfriend to causing 12th and Grant standoff."

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Andrew Walton = another arrest NOT prevented by A64!

"Legalization" NOT !!!

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