Topless breast cancer event to show survivors are beautiful, organizer says (NSFW)

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Photos, video below.
These days, there are plenty of breast-cancer fundraisers, as well there should be: It's a great cause.

But so far as Carla Gurovich knows, there's never been one quite like Two Topless Miles, at which breast-cancer survivors and their friends, family and supporters will be able to take off their shirts and join together at Mountain Air Ranch, a self-described family nudist resort west of Littleton, to raise cash for the continuing cancer fight while making a statement about beauty before and afterward.

"We were looking to do a breast-cancer event that was something different," Gurovich says. "There are so many one-day walks, two-day walks, three-day walks, gala dinners that you see advertised. But we wanted to do something that would stand out.

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Photos from the Mountain Air Ranch brochure.
"Also," she goes on, "the organizers are part of Mountain Air Ranch, and over the years, we've had more and more women -- and men -- at the ranch who've had breast cancer and have had to deal with the scars to their bodies. But they seemed to rise above their scars so much more quickly."

One reason for this success, Gurovich believes, is that such people are able to embrace the experience they survived rather than hiding the marks left behind.

Another inspiration for Gurovich, she notes, "was all the news on Facebook about women who dared to show their breasts after breast cancer, whether they were covered with body paint or whatever, and Facebook censored them." Afterward, "people were reposting them, saying, 'Facebook -- put these back on.'"

The more she thought about this reaction, the more Gurovich wanted "to find a way to honor survivors, honor their bravery, and help all of them to have a more positive body image. And we thought, what better way to do that then to stand together topless? So we decided to have the event at Mountain Air Ranch" and invite members of the public.

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Because the ranch is private property, the organizers felt confident that their event would not run afoul of the law. But to be certain, Gurovich says, "we coordinated with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office to make sure we'll have no problems -- and they're on board. We've got a special-event permit from the county."

Once that was accomplished, a Two Topless Miles website and Facebook page was launched, with early outreach to members of Mountain Air Ranch. Now, Gurovich is starting to spread the news to the public at large.

What would she tell those who may balk at the idea of seeing post-operative breast-cancer survivors topless, in order to assuage their discomfort?

Continue for more about the Two Topless Miles fundraiser, including a video.

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