Ten unsolved Colorado murders: Read personal stories of the victims

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Mark Francis.
Mark Francis

Mark Francis, 23, grew up and attended school in Clear Creek County. When he was 15, he moved to Leadville, CO. An avid outdoorsman, his friends called him "Mountain Man." Mark worked in construction as a frame carpenter. He was a quick learner, creative and smart. He built log furniture and was a self-taught mechanic.

Naturally athletic, he was a fearless snow-boarder, a gonzo wakeboarder and a slalom water skier. Mark mountain biked, climbed fourteeners and was a rock hound. He loved Lake Powell and its sunsets.

Mark lived with few possessions other than his Toyota 4-wheel drive pickup and what he could carry with him. He had been staying at his sister Stephany's til the end of February this year. He left to go to Leadville to make some money. But when he didn't show up for his 24th birthday, March 7th, his family became worried.

His truck was found on March 5th. Mark's body was found March 19 in a remote area north of Idaho Springs, near a cell phone tower that was serviced every two weeks. He had been shot. As of April 2004, four men are jailed in connection with this murder: Brent McKellip, the alleged triggerman; Zach McKellip; Troy Santerelli; and Justin Reents. Mark leaves his mother, Diane Francis, of Wheat Ridge, father Pat Francis of Georgetown, sister Stephany Francis of Lakewood and a host of friends in Leadville.

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Shelley Robertson.
Shelley Robertson

Shelley Robertson, 23, graduated Arvada (CO) High School in 1969 and then spent one year at a mission in Biloxi, Mississippi run by the United Church of Christ. When she returned to Colorado, she attended Red Rocks Community College where she studied Spanish. Her whole class spent a semester in Mexico, living in Barra de Navidad, a fishing village. She returned there several times during her life. Her friend, Susan invited her to go to Alaska where the girls worked in Clam Gulch processing fish for one year.

When she was growing up, Shelley told her mother, Roberta Robertson of Arvada, "Someday a white horse will come down the road and he will be mine and I'll name him 'Brownie.' Sure enough, one day she ran into the house and announced to her mother "There's a white horse out there!" But this grandson of Trigger belonged to a rodeo clown. When he heard Shelley's story, he helped the little girl get a little fillie she named "Bonnie." Shelley rode the dove gray mare bareback as she grew up.

On Monday, June 29, 1975, Shelley Robertson disappeared without a trace. Seven weeks later, her body was found in a mine shaft near Georgetown.

Clear Creek County investigator Bob Denning went to Salt Lake City to interview serial killer Ted Bundy. Bundy was serving time for kidnapping a girl there. She escaped as he was handcuffing her. Bundy was tried and convicted in that case. Denning asked Bundy about Shelley Robertson. Bundy is reported to have replied, "I don't want to talk about that." Denning has said he is 99% sure that Shelley's killer is Ted Bundy.

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What about the murder of Jocelyn Sandberg?  I thought that was never solved and it happened in Colorado Springs.


What about that kid that got shot to death while driving down I-225? Did that one ever get solved?


R.P. White admitted to many more murders than he was charged and convicted for committing .

In the neighborhood of FIVE !!!!

Might this be some kind of CLUE in what HAS TO BE pending in some missing people reports ?

Detectives haven't been to CSP to speak w/ him in years ! A stack of photos might 'possibly' assist in solving some of these disappearances or cold case homicides .....

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