Ten unsolved Colorado murders: Read personal stories of the victims

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Karen Hathaway-Johns.
Karen Hathaway-Johns

Karen Kay Hathaway-Johns was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She graduated from High School there and later married Frank Cary. Karen enjoyed photography, embroidering and her Labrador dogs.The couple had friends in Colorado Springs so they moved there. In 1978 Frank Cary was killed in an automobile crash. A few years later, Karen married Darrell Johns, a serviceman at Fort Carson. They divorced in 1989. She had lived at the same apartment in southeast Colorado Springs for at least the last 12 years. Karen, 45, was well liked and the apartment manager said she was a good tenant. Karen had a love for animals and had taken in two stray dogs and two cats. She worked for the American Red Cross and liked to spend her lunch hour in Monument Valley Park. Shortly after 2 pm on May 21, 1991, Karen was shot in the back of the head by an unknown assailant. Her car, running and in gear, jumped a curb, scraped a tree and started down a hill toward a softball field in the park. No weapon was found and police reported they could not learn of a motive and had no suspects. If you have any information about this murder, please contact Detective Derek Graham at 719-444-7561. Or, if you wish to remain anonymous, please call Crime Stoppers, which offers a reward for information, at 719-634-7867.

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Thomas Kinslow.
Thomas Kinslow

Thomas "Tommy" Kinslow, 20, was born in Colorado Springs and graduated from Harrison High School there in 2003. Tommy played basketball and lettered in baseball.
He completed two years at Pikes Peak Community College and was looking forward to enrolling at the University of New Mexico where he would study to be a math teacher.

Tommy Kinslow was a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and the North Carolina Tarheels. He loved the outdoors and video games. "Tommy was an all-around good kid," said his mom, Pam Kinslow. He lived with his family in a townhouse community and enjoyed attending activities at the clubhouse even though most of the other attendees were older. "Everybody cooked well and Tommy liked food," explained Pam.

Tommy was shift manager at Hollywood Video, about two blocks from home, where he had worked for about a year. On the night of November 21st he locked up, setting the alarm at 1:41 AM. At 1:45 AM, a neighbor of the Kinslows in the 3900 block of Constitution in Colorado Springs heard gunshots and called 911. Tommy, who had just parked his car, had been shot dead.

There had been some auto breakins in this neighborhood. Tommy's car had been broken into about six to eight months before he was shot. "It upset him," said Pam. "If he had seen someone messing around with a car, he may have confronted them."

In addition to his mother and father, Frank, Tommy leaves a sister, Mindy. No one has been prosecuted for this murder. If you have information, please call Detective Pete Quick, 719-444-7557. If you wish to remain anonymous, please call Crime Stoppers at 719-634-7867.

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What about the murder of Jocelyn Sandberg?  I thought that was never solved and it happened in Colorado Springs.


What about that kid that got shot to death while driving down I-225? Did that one ever get solved?


R.P. White admitted to many more murders than he was charged and convicted for committing .

In the neighborhood of FIVE !!!!

Might this be some kind of CLUE in what HAS TO BE pending in some missing people reports ?

Detectives haven't been to CSP to speak w/ him in years ! A stack of photos might 'possibly' assist in solving some of these disappearances or cold case homicides .....

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