Photo: My Volkswagen's mohawk is missing!

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volkswagen mohawk 205x205.jpg
Big photo below.
We're all accustomed to seeing fliers on light poles alerting the populace to missing dogs or cats.

But a missing mohawk? For a Volkswagen?

Yep. In my neighborhood -- Ken Caryl Ranch -- a sweet Bug previously outfitted with a simulated mohawk has been scalped, and the owner, quite understandably, wants it back, since it means a lot not only to the VW's family, but also the City of Littleton (!). Do you know where to find this particular hair apparent? Check out the full poster below.

volkswagen mohawk.jpg

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i've now officially lost what little hope i had left in humanity.

why was an amber alert not issued immediately for that poor,

terrified mohawk?

How can people be so cruel?...I cant even begin to imagine the horrors

that poor Mohawk is enduring as we speak. My prayers go out to

the family of the Hairpiece for it's safe, and speedy return.

(candle light Vigils will be held later today at 3p.m. down on somewhere

state road.)

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