77 homicides in year four of Mile High Murder: See where they happened, part two

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Maps, videos below.
On May 17, 2009, The Latest Word launched the Mile High Murderarchive. Today marks MHM's fourth anniversary, and as is clear from the following compilation of cases we've covered over the previous 365 days, it's been a very grim year.

Example: Last year on this date, the archive's total was 49. This year, it's 77 -- so many that in order to include interactive maps, videos or photos from each, we had to break the list into two sections. See part two below, and click to access part one.

A couple of things to note at the outset. First of all, the big jump in the total isn't solely attributable to the Aurora theater shooting, in which twelve people died (including promising sports reporter Jessica Ghawi, seen above), or the massacre at Fero's Bar and Grill, where five people lost their lives. Subtract those numbers and the sum is still eleven higher than in year three.

Also worthy of note: The list starts at 79 because somewhere along the way, the count got confused; there's no 34 or 37. It's possible that something originally thought to have been a murder turned out to be something else and the posts in question were given new, headline-free numbers. But it's just as likely that we simply lost track amid the shocking number of killings -- another indication of how tough the past twelve months have been.

Here's part two of the list, complete with links to our original coverage.

Number 38: "Homicide investigation over dead man found on Jewell Avenue in Aurora (38)."

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Number 37: ?

Number 36: "Tisihia Allen charged with stabbing murder of Darius Norris in Aurora (36)."

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Number 35: "Matthew Gianopoulos ID'd as victim in Green Valley Ranch homicide (35)."

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Number 34: ?

Number 33: "German Medina, knife lover, still missing but charged with murder of Bertha Garcia (33)."

Number 32: "Zachary Sare murdered near home on 24th birthday (32)."

zach sare facebook 1.jpg

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This would be much more interesting as 77 dots posted on a single map of the entire metro area, rather than a bunch of Google street view shots.


Can you plot all these on a single map view please?


'77 Dead Cops This Year.', would have made for a much more enjoyable article !!!


Law Enforcement replacing religion .

It's direct effect on minority population .

Not working very well . White teens are getting pregnant less than ever .

I have several hypothesizes I'll keep to myself rather than being accused as a 'Racist' by 'TOP COMMENTERS' such as stuka1....   


Why aren't you including ALL the MURDERS, committed by local area police personal ???!!!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Who can deny the success of human evolution?


@fishingblues @DonkeyHotay   What have you done w/ the remainder of Hotay's ass ???!!!

Worshiped souvenir,  OR do you use his word as your own elsewhere,  & lick 'your' 1/2 as you await a response ? 

fishingblues topcommenter

@Juan_Leg @fishingblues @DonkeyHotay Fully explained in the thread below (reprinted for your convenience):

The Latest Word - Patricia Calhoun - Reader: Commenter Donkey Hotay is at a turning point

I say the (liberal) pansy-ass nimrods with the delicate sensibilities can go to the Denver Post and get all the censorship you want.  The Donk is simply the unwanted offspring of a Tijuana sex show gone wrong.  Give the little guy a break.

If the double entendre was too much for you to comprehend, perhaps you should refrain from attempting to follow my posts.  I write for the slightly more intelligent.  

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