Photos: Ten favorite cat names in Colorado and more
Big photos below.
Last week, we highlighted the ten favorite dog names in Colorado as collated in the Banfield State of Pet Health 2013 report, which offers a huge amount of info about our best friends on a state-by-state basis. Today, cats take center stage. We've spotlighted and photo-illustrated the ten favorite cat names in Colorado, which are very different from the dogs list with one notable exception: The top dog name is the second-favorite cat name. (Bet you can figure out why.) We've also included the complete report and other stuff at Colorado cats. Check it all out below.

Tenth favorite cat name in Colorado:

Ninth favorite cat name in Colorado:

Continue for the ten favorite cat names in Colorado and more.

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Aaron Robert Matteson
Aaron Robert Matteson

Don't expect anything from DW, they don't report relevant news, just scene stuff

Naomi Wolinsky
Naomi Wolinsky

Thankfully not, I am far more creative naming my animals than the average bear.

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