Photos: Church of the Ascension, 107-year-old landmark at 6th and Gilpin, catches fire

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Photos, video below.
Church of the Ascension, located at 600 Gilpin, near 6th Avenue, has been a Denver landmark for 107 years.

During the early morning hours, it caught fire.

The good news -- or at least the it-could-have-been-worse info? No one was injured in the blaze. At this point, though, crews are still assessing the extent of the damage to the structure and trying to determine what caused the blaze.

Photos and video below.

According to 9News, firefighting crews arrived just after 3 a.m. this morning.
Here's the station's report, followed by photos from the Church of the Ascension Facebook page, which provide a look at the beautiful building, and some of the parishioners, before the flames.



Continue for more Church of the Ascension photos.

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martin48484 1 Like

I'm not religious so I can't grieve too much. 

Juan_Leg topcommenter

Have they come up w/ a temporary location for the Priest to take his alter boys ???

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