Photos: More civil unions than marriages at Denver license bureau in first half of May

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Big photos below.
Want proof there was a lot of pent-up demand for civil unions? According to Denver's Office of the Clerk and Recorder, the city issued 255 civil union licenses during the first two weeks of May, as compared to 245 marriage licenses.

Granted, 114 of the civil-union licenses were issued during Denver's May 1 midnight civil-unions event. Our Kyle Huninghake was on hand to capture images of the love. Check out highlights below and click to see our complete "Denver's First Civil Unions" slide show.
Photo by Kyle Huninghake
Photo by Kyle Huninghake
Photo by Kyle Huninghake
Photo by Kyle Huninghake
Continue to see more photos of Denver's first civil unions.

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Chad Hill
Chad Hill

While some people probably see ultimate happiness and joy, I see two grumpy cats trapped in a potato sack.

Dave Duncomb
Dave Duncomb

I guess that is one way to reduce the population.

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@Chelly Serna A lot of us think it should be. Thanks for the post, Chelly.

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