Civil unions photos: Meet four couples who made it legal last night

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Big photos below.
Last night was a big step forward in the march toward equality for all Coloradans. At midnight, the long-sought civil-unions measure became law, and attendees of a One Colorado-sponsored celebration at the McNichols Building Civic Center and other couples who began lining up hours earlier headed to the Webb Building to have their commitment to each other formalized in the eyes of the state. Our Kyle Huninghake was on hand to witness the love and to talk to some of the first Coloradans to go through the ceremony. Look below to see photos and interviews.

Colleen Mintz & Jeanne Fischetti:

Photo by Kyle Huninghake
Colleen Mintz and Jeanne Fischetti.

Westword: Will anything feel different after tonight?

Jeanne Fischetti: It will feel different tomorrow, to have legal protection and recognition.

Colleen Mintz: It will feel the same between us, though.

WW: What's it like having something that for the rest of us is a private, intimate ceremony thrown out into the public sphere like this?

CM: I feel proud. This is something historic, and I'm proud to be here.

WW: How long do you think it will take to make the next step forward for gay rights?

JF: I think we'll be able to get married soon.

CM: We're hoping it's within the next five years.

Photo by Kyle Huninghake

For more photos, visit our full civil unions slide show.

Continue to meet more couples who made it legal last night.

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Congrats to 'stuka' ! Hopefully after last night's festivities, he'll cease at being a major douche !

Che Harness
Che Harness

Not bad Colorado. Gay couples shouldn't have to settle for some pathetic compromise just to have their love legally recognized, but it's a step. It would give me more respect for Colorado... but acts like trying to over-tax marijuana users because you still consider them criminal and undesirable and legislators pushing through the Clean Indoor Act without a public vote, have really made respect impossible for me.

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