Photos: Colfax Marathon runners take it to the street

Big photos below.
Following last month's attack at the Boston Marathon, people planning to take part in the Colfax Marathon, as well as the upcoming BolderBOULDER, took to social media to make it clear they would still hit the pavement.

Plenty of them did so safely at the Colfax Marathon this weekend. Our Danielle Lirette captured the scene, which, fortunately, was all about enjoying Colorado. Check out a sampling of her images below and click to view the complete Colfax Marathon 2013 slide show.

Photo by Danielle Lirette

Photo by Danielle Lirette

Photo by Danielle Lirette

Photo by Danielle Lirette
Continue for more photos from the Colfax Marathon.

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Bonny Lee Michaelson
Bonny Lee Michaelson

Sorry but they were in the way of people getting to work on Sunday. Stopping buses at a time when it is hard to keep a job was just rude. Next year stop the runners...they can run in place instead of effecting the lives of innocent bystanders.

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