Reader: Here are some classes CU-Boulder liberals should attend

Last week, we responded to a regent's call for more conservative faculty members at CU-Boulder with a list of ten Westword-approved conservative classes, including courses to debunk global warming and learn how to fire Ward Churchill. A conservative reader responded with his own roster of classes that he feels would do liberals some good.

fishingblues writes:

I'm going to introduce a liberal class to CU with the curricula to include:

1. How to ruin the country in 8 short years.

2. Social Democracy -- let's get everyone on the dole.

3. Liberal's failure in talk radio. Even liberals can't stand to listen to themselves whine.

4. Streisand, Cher and the geniuses of Hollywood.

5. Penn, Glover and the communists of Hollywood.

6. Let's vote ourselves more freebies.

7. How to be even more politically correct.

8. Are liberals really self-absorbed, self-righteous, arrogant elitists?

9. The politics of envy.

10. Is it really possible to be worse than Jimmy Carter.

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Jason Hornyak
Jason Hornyak

Copy and paste form the comment section? now this is A+ journalism! hard hitting stuff.


This article is hilarious. In case this guy didn't know, the GOP lost. Twice. Badly. Your views are nonsense and your faith/beliefs are beyond silly. 

Marian Sundin
Marian Sundin

Unless you're exposing ignorance, why share the remarks of someone who is so clueless?


This is surely the finest example of conservative humor since Michelle Malkin's knee-slapping "Liberal Dancing."

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