Photos: Ten new Westword-approved conservative classes for CU-Boulder

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This week, CU-Boulder Regent Jim Geddes argued that the university should add more conservative faculty as a way of striking a better ideological balance at the famously liberal institution -- this after CU chose Steven Hayward as the Board of Regents' first "visiting scholar in conservative thought."

But what will these conservative instructors teach? We've come up with a whole new curriculum sure to put students in a right state of mind. Check out the ten suggested, catalog-ready classes below.

ENVS-2001 (4) Global Warming: Hoax, Hooey, Humbug or Boner?

Covers how ecological ideas and principles pertaining to global warming theories are faulty despite scientific evidence that appears to "prove" them. The ecology of environmental concerns ranging from endangered species to global carbon cycling will be reviewed and debunked, with perspectives from physiological, behavioral, population, community and ecosystem ecology ignored in favor of reminders that it's usually still cold during the winter.
JOUR-1004 (3) Contemporary Media Analysis: Fox News

An introduction to the role of Fox News in contemporary society, focusing on the cultural, political, economic and historical context within which its quest for the truth gained such flexibility. Required texts: All Bill O'Reilly books about important people who were shot to death.

Continue to see more of our ten new conservative classes for CU-Boulder.

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' Klingon' - 101, beginning next semester .....

David Kotzebue
David Kotzebue

Wanted to read it, but couldn't sit thru the Intel ad.


People who think Boulder is some open-minded, liberal utopia always surprise me. They have no cultural diversity whatsoever unless you count the trustafarians going around appropriating other cultures. I can go a day without seeing a person of color in this town, it's actually quite creepy.

fishingblues topcommenter

I'm going to introduce a liberal class to CU with the curricula to include:

1.  How to ruin the country in 8 short years.

2.  Social Democracy - let's get everyone on the dole.

3.  Liberal's failure in talk radio.  Even liberals can't stand to listen to themselves whine.

4.  Streisand, Cher and the geniuses of Hollywood.

5.  Penn, Glover and the communists of Hollywood.

6.  Let's vote ourselves more freebies.

7.  How to be even more politically correct.

8. Are liberals really self-absorbed, self-righteous, arrogant elitists?

9.  The politics of envy.

10.  Is it really possible to be worse than Jimmy Carter.  

Matt Baca
Matt Baca

So no 420 Smoke out, but they've got conservative visiting scholars, and JOUR-1004 (3) Contemporary Media Analysis: Fox News? Wow, Boulder is such a bastian of leftwing ideals...


@bondadprevalece Liberal utopia, maybe.  Open-minded? Nah.

Not that this article is exactly a paragon of open-mindedness either.

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@fishingblues Love the post, fishingblues. We're going to make it an upcoming Comment of the Day. Thanks for weighing in.

fishingblues topcommenter

@michael.roberts @fishingblues 

Well golly, thanks Michael.  I thought I was going to have to add:

Liberals - no sense of humor but a well defined sense of entitlement.  

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