Photos: CU-Boulder Missed Connections, school's out edition

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Big photos below.
Graduation at CU-Boulder happened just over a week ago, but the CU-Boulder Missed Connections Facebook page hasn't slowed down a bit. The site features lotsa fresh posts...

...fresh in many different ways.... which romantic students search for the one who got away. We've collected and photo-illustrated our ten recent faves. Count them down below, and predict for yourself whether love will be back in the fall.

Number 10: Missed the bus

To the cute brunette (I think you're a CU student) who got off the BMX today (Wednesday, May 15) and showed your bus pass to the driver outside the bus, you're absolutely beautiful. I would love to take you out. I'm not normally into brown-haired girls, but you were stunning. Signed, the guy sitting on the right two rows from the front.
Number 9: Isn't there something else known as Molly?
To that girl in Chi O with long brown hair, I think your name is Mollie???? You're the hottest girl I've ever seen. GET AT MEEEEEEEEE.
Continue to keep counting down our CU-Boulder Missed Connections school's out edition.

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