Date rape drugs and DU: Three incidents under investigation

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Earlier today, we told you about guilty pleas from high-fashion photographer Orin Fryson, who was charged with indecent exposure and masturbation at the University of Denver. But this isn't the only example of a possible sexually related crime making news at DU right now.

Campus authorities are currently investigating not one, not two, but three separate reports about young women potentially being given date-rate drugs while visiting area watering holes.

DU's Clarion newspaper reports that the first two incidents were filed with the university's Department of Campus Safety on May 12 by a pair of students, while the third was described in a letter sent to the Denver Police Department by a different individual.
The stretch of South University Boulevard near DU where some of the incidents reportedly took place.
The letter writer said she feels she was drugged after visiting several businesses on the 2700 block of South University Boulevard, not far from the DU campus; there's said to have been no evidence that a sexual assault took place. Meanwhile, the students who turned to DCS said their experiences followed stops at restaurants and the like along more of the same stretch. The DU crime notice e-mailed to students -- see it below in its entirety -- advises caution on a seven-block stretch.

What happened to the latter twosome? One said she woke up in a DU building to which she had no access and couldn't remember how she'd gotten there. The other also suffered gaps in her memory after she'd gotten separated from her friend.

As law enforcers search for suspects, DU offers the following tips about avoiding the possibility of being dosed:

• Never accept a drink from someone you don't know and trust, even if they bring it to you at a bar.

• Don't leave your drink unattended and order a fresh drink if you do.

• If you begin to feel faint, get to a safe place and call 9-1-1.

• Party with friends; never leave a friend alone at a party. Remember there is safety in numbers.

• Trust your instincts. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable in a situation, leave immediately.

Here's the complete release about the possible use of date-rape drugs near DU.

DU Date Rape Crime Notice

More from our Follow That Story archive circa 2012: "Perrish Cox lawsuit: Victim got date-rape drugs before non-consensual sex with ex-Bronco?"

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I recall the days when 'date rape drugging' was a $100 bar tab ...

Alex Box
Alex Box

ya ok i doubt any of us would even exist if that were the case! u read the article right? there were no signs of sexual assault!

Becky Hollingsworth
Becky Hollingsworth

Hey, champ, how about not engaging in sexual intercourse with someone whose judgement is impaired so that it's not even an issue.

Alex Box
Alex Box

"One said she woke up in a DU building to which she had no access and couldn't remember how she'd gotten there. The other also suffered gaps in her memory after she'd gotten separated from her friend."... That sounds like me just about every night I go out! But seriously I hate to make light of the situation but date rape is one thing; drinking too much and blacking out on your own is another! No signs of sexual assault is a big give away... It upsets me when a girl blacks out and the first thing she says is "someone drugged me!" Some people just need to learn to handle their booze

Alex Box
Alex Box

hey, I rate all of my dates. is that a problem?


Confused.  Based on the front page teaser head - Date rate drugs at DU - I thought I was going to get to read about some cool new pill that makes chicks tell me how awesome our date was on a scale of Brad/Chad to Rad.  Unfortunately it is only a story on some f*cknut(s) who can only get women the Brad/Chad way.  

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

.......... Just Legalize It!

Drugs don't Rape People  ... People Rape People !


Never, ever leave a drin unattended...... People need to use common sense....

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