Photos: Top fourteen cities for dog attacks on postal workers -- and where Denver ranks

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Number 2: San Antonio, Texas, and Seattle, Washington
Total attacks: 42

Number 1: Los Angeles, California

Total attacks: 69
Avoiding Attacks

• Never leave a baby or small child alone with a dog.
• Don't run past a dog. The dog's natural instinct is to chase and catch you.
• If a dog threatens you, don't scream. Avoid eye contact. Try to remain motionless until the dog leaves, then back away slowly until the dog is out of sight.
• Never approach a strange dog, especially one that's tethered or confined.
• Don't disturb a dog that is sleeping, eating or caring for puppies.
• Anyone wanting to pet a dog should first obtain permission from the owner.
• Always let a dog see and sniff you before petting the animal.
• If you believe a dog is about to attack you, try to place something between yourself and the dog, such as a backpack or a bicycle.
• If you are knocked down by a dog, curl into a ball and protect your face with your hands.

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The image of the canine you have for Number 3: Chicago, Illinois is not of a dog.  It is a photo of a canine, but not of a dog.

Amelia Ebert
Amelia Ebert

Denver made the list while having a pit bull ban? well I never.


My regular post lady, LOVES my 'Clyde Monster', & gives him hugs and kisses each time she delivers !

He's a 125 lbs Rottie, filled w/ affection for everyone & everything .

Except stuka1 ..............

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Top 14 ! ... way to break out of the decinary rut, Michael.

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