Photos: See the gruesome roller derby-related injuries fixed by cover girl Dr. Bang Bang

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Dr. Bang Bang. More pics below.
This week's feature, "Paging Doctor Bang Bang," tells the story of Kimmy Kimmy Bang Bang, a.k.a. Kim Wilms, a foot-and-ankle surgeon by profession and a badass blocker and jammer on the track with the Denver Roller Dolls. Wilms doubles as the roller derby league's unofficial in-house doctor, assisting skaters with the sprains and bruises that come with playing the fast-paced contact sport. Over the past two years, she's also operated on several skaters' broken ankles.

Some of the injuries were especially gruesome -- and we've collected photos of them for you, dear reader.

We'll start with the most famous photo of them all. It depicts a skater named Caitlin "Muffin" Krause lying on the track in what looks like excruciating pain.

Here's how Krause describes what happened: She was coming up behind a blocker, rapidly closing the gap between them and preparing to do a trick in which she pretends to stop and then speeds away. But on that day, her move didn't work as planned. "That rapid stopping motion basically ripped my ankle off," Krause says. "My foot was backward as I was falling through the air, and when I hit the ground, my bone shattered."

Courtesy Caitlin "Muffin" Krause
Krause's ankle twisted around like Linda Blair's head in The Exorcist.
Here's a shot of Krause's ankle after Wilms removed her skate:
Courtesy Caitlin "Muffin" Krause
This is what Krause's broken ankle looked like in an X-ray:

Courtesy Caitlin "Muffin" Krause
Continue for more photos of Krause's injury.

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fishingblues topcommenter

Thank you, thank you, thank you for leaving up the pic of Doc Bang Bang and taking down the picture (Dillinger Escape Plan at the Fox) of the two vying for the ugliest people in America. 


Ya know...these people could easily avoid such injuries if they chose a far less dangerous sport like sitting in front of their TV with a bong.

Traci Roe
Traci Roe

Caitlin Veronica Krause I think Aim N. Buster's is almost as bad as yours . . . Almost

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