Video shows Evan Ebel shooting Texas deputy

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Video and more below.
Yesterday, in announcing a reprieve for quadruple murderer Nathan Dunlap noted that Lisa Clements remains against the death penalty even after what happened to her husband, the late Colorado prison chief Tom Clements.

What happened to Clements is that Evan Ebel allegedly murdered him, then took off for Texas, where he was killed in a gunfight, but not before shooting a deputy. Now, we've got shocking video of the latter (see it below), as well as more evidence of Ebel's lethality.

As we've reported, Ebel's killing spree appears to have started with Nathan Leon, who worked at a Domino's Pizza branch near East 40th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard. Leon was sent on a delivery over the weekend, but never returned. His body was found in an open-space area near a Golden recycling plant. The Denver coroner's office has established that the cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds.

nathan leon and katie.jpg
Nathan Leon and his wife, Katie.
This week, CBS4 checked into the progress of the investigation attempting to definitively tie Ebel to Leon's death. Turns out Ebel ordered a pizza to be delivered to an intersection -- something that's against Domino's rules. So he called back from a pay phone (he's reportedly seen doing so on surveillance footage, and DNA and fingerprint evidence back up the clip) and gave an address to which Leon responded.

What happened next remains speculation at this point. But it looks like Ebel took Leon hostage, then drove him to the Golden area, where he shot him to death. Under that scenario, Leon was alive throughout the drive, adding one more chilling element to an extremely brutal act.

Ebel is thought to have subsequently shot down Clements at his home before heading south. The journey seems to have gone without incident prior to Montague County, Texas, where Deputy James Boyd pulled over Ebel's black, Colorado-plated Caddy in a traffic stop. Now, authorities there have released dashboard-cam video of what happened next. See it below courtesy of 7News -- and remember while you watch that Boyd survived the shooting.

Fortunately, Boyd was wearing a bulletproof vest -- and while a bullet grazed his head, he was able to get back to his car and radio for help. The response from law enforcers resulted in Ebel's death.

Look below to see the CBS4 package about the latest developments regarding Nathan Leon. That's followed by the text from a March post about Ebel's lengthy and disturbing prison records.

Continue for more about Evan Ebel's prison records, featuring feces-smearing and more.

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Too bad the 'pig' lived ....

F'n bullet proof vests !!!

Deborah Watts
Deborah Watts

So who's fault are these killings? DUH.. D.O.C.!

Deborah Watts
Deborah Watts

DUH what do you think happens when NEGLIGENT D.O.C. Doctors and Nurses PUSH mental heath drugs to street drug addicts! THEY know when these are mixed it causes suicideS and homicideS. Who would think an EASY to spot TWEEKER would get out of jail or prison and go right to their street drug of choice? Then KILL..DUH!


That opening paragraph is just incoherent, y'all.

Rich Madison
Rich Madison

It's good that he was wearing his vest. I wish him the best.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Deborah Watts ... I blame society.

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