Felix Trujillo, inmate, says deputy who helped him escape thought (wrongly) he'd get $500K

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Photos, video below.
Update: The tale of Felix Trujillo's escape from Denver jail last month, and deputy Matthew Andrews's alleged role in helping him do so, was already plenty weird. But it just got a whole lot stranger.

Trujillo now says the escape plan came from Andrews, based on the mistaken notion that the inmate would pay him $500,000 for his help.

And where did he supposedly get this idea? From Trujillo's Facebook page.

It's important to note at the outset that thus far, there's no proof any of this actually happened, and Andrews, who claims he aided in the escape because his family had been threatened, isn't responding to the claims. But true or not, there's no denying it's a helluva yarn.

CBS4's Brian Maass is the reporter to whom Trujillo spoke. The re-jailed inmate says that over the course of the nine months he'd been in stir, Andrews mentioned his dire financial situation on numerous occasions -- and it slowly became clear that the deputy thought Trujillo was rich due to posts on his Facebook page, which identifies him (irony alert) as "Honest Trujillo." Here's one of the photos on the page....

...and another.
Now, all of us (except, in Trujillo's telling, Andrews) know that just because a person shares a photo of something really expensive on Facebook doesn't mean he actually owns it. But Trujillo suggests that he played up the deputy's delusion, arranging for him to smuggle in a cellphone and charger in exchange for The Price Is Right-style package of movie passes, a washer and dryer, and $1,500 in cash.

Another luxury item pictured on Felix Trujillo's Facebook page.
Not that he actually received all these prizes: Trujillo insists the only things he forked over in exchange for the phone were the movie passes, plus tickets to Elitch's.

Next, Trujillo maintains that Andrews came to him and offered to facilitate his escape in exchange for $500,000. Trujillo agreed and gave him a number said to be for his brother, who was going to coordinate things with Andrews. Instead, though, Trujillo says the digits connected to his own phone -- the one Andrews brought him.

"He was pretty dumb," he allows.

Continue for more about Felix Trujillo's charges against Deputy Matthew Andrews, including more photos and a video.

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This is so hilarious they should make a movie about it. I would pay to see that.


And people won't even consider DPD had ANYTHING to do w/ the '420' shootings ......

If it smells like shit, it usually is shit .......


Don't these deputies have to pass some sort of intelligence test before getting the job?


Does this Andrews guy have a facebook page?  Nope.  Never has.  So he must have just logged onto facebook, just looked up this scumbag in the jail, and thought hey, this all seems ligit.  I'm going to risk everything in my life, my job, my family, because all of this maybe true.  Right?  No.  Everyone loves to listen read everything in the media.  Then when the crap in the media is wrong, well, that is the media's fault, then blame them.  How about the benefit of the doubt, and blame the media now.  This deputy is getting dragged through the mud, his wife and little ones have to go through this as well with the press and everything.  Enough is enough.  You are right Timothy Black, Idiot(s) but I believe you are talking about the wrong person.


@Rabbi_Pedro_Goldstein  A G.E.D. is the only requirement in most states . They needn't more than a high school one ANYWHERE , regardless . 'Specialists' & NOT the common street moron,  have gone through extensive schooling & training. There's hundred's of t.v shows on this shit .


Always believe a convict.  That's a reliable source.  Smart.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@smithjane331 ... often times more honest than the lowlife lying pigs who hide behind their badges and guns.


You're probably a ex-convict.  Lowlife lying pigs? Really?   A dumb ex-convict who thinks you know what you are talking about and clearly you don't.  Honestly.

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