Jordan Webb: CU-Boulder quarterback's arrest latest disaster for program in crisis

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It's not exactly news that the CU-Boulder football program is a mess. But the hiring of former San Jose State head coach Mike MacIntyre was supposed to be the first step on the road to recovery.

Now, unfortunately, there's more recovery necessary, thanks to starting quarterback Jordan Webb's arrest over the weekend.

The story's complicated, but the continuing damage to a program in crisis is plain as day.

Webb, as you'll recall, was named starting quarterback prior to the beginning of last season. Here's an interview with him on the subject.

Unfortunately, the CU Buffs were catastrophically bad in 2012, losing most games by big margins, and only managing to eke out a single victory, against Washington State. Here's the highlight of the latter game -- Webb's fourth-and-nine touchdown run, which gave Colorado a 35-34 win.

In late November, with the Buffs at their lowest point in years, head coach Jon Embree was fired after just two years -- such a quick trigger that former CU-Buffs coach Bill McCartney (who was recently named to the College Football Hall of Fame) called the sacking racist.

Shortly thereafter, MacIntyre was hired, and even though Webb was due to graduate, he had another year of eligibility and decided to stick around. Then, last month, he tore up his knee, knocking him out for the entire 2013 campaign. Yet he reportedly was hoping to be back and ready to play by late September.

This emotion has likely taken on a different cast now, given his recent brush with the law. What happened?

Continue for more about CU-Boulder quarterback Jordan Webb's arrest, complete with photos and another video.

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Greg Henry
Greg Henry

Lewis is headed to Nebraska, so he'll fit in fine there. Webb is a former Jayhawk, so send him back to Lawrence.

Brian Rouse
Brian Rouse

It's not like CU Boulder has ever been prevalent in football anyways..

Jeff Hansen
Jeff Hansen

From the DC story: "Lewis said he drank six glasses of wine, 10 beers and six shots of various other alcohols that night. He did not know how much Webb had to drink."

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Football = Violent Neanderthal Thugs


Alcohol, hormones & steroids, in addition to jock arrogance .

What do you think is going to happen ?

Not to mention away from parental supervision & guidance .

MAYBE, the Arena League or Canada ........

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@Greg Henry Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Greg. Much appreciated.


@Jeff Hansen  

Is that alcohol regulation or legalization ?


@DonkeyHotay DonkeyHotay = tough guy behind the keyboard, pussy in real life


@HotayDonkey  <-----  Hotay's #1 admirer !......

I wonder if he named his child, ' Hotay the III ' ?....

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