Photos: Kara Nichols, missing model, marks twentieth birthday as search continues

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Big photos below.
Late last year, when we first posted about the search for Kara Nichols, she was nineteen.

Today, more than eight months after she set out from her Colorado Springs home for Denver, she turns twenty. Her loved ones are marking the date even as they're emphasizing that despite the passage of time, they're not giving up on locating an aspiring model said to have been involved in drugs and prostitution. Photos, details and our original coverage below.

Here's the new banner shared on the Help Us Find Kara Nichols Facebook page:

Accompanying the image is this note: "Monday is Kara's 20th Birthday, please post birthday wishes here for Kara! Happy birthday Kara, we miss you very much and will not give up looking for you!"

Here are some of the messages that have popped up in the past few hours:

Happy Birthday Kara. You are, and will always be, loved.

Happy Birthday Kara! I continue to pray for your safety.

KARA -- Happy Happy Birthday honey wherever you may be! I want you to know that no matter what, I pray for you and help to keep your name alive. I know Kara that you are out there, I just know it. Someday Kara, I know you are going to come home. I pray for strength for you, for health, comfort and peace. I also pray for mom and dad and your family who love you so so much. I know in my heart that you are a beautiful person with a loving heart. I love you Kara, Happy Birthday! Hurry home honey!!

One of Nichols' modeling shots.
As we've reported, Nichols vanished on October 9. Early on, the investigation into her disappearance focused to a large degree on Model Mayhem, a website for individuals interested in modeling, to which she'd affixed a profile. We've learned that two other missing young women -- Raven Furlong and Kelsie Jean Schelling -- had also created profiles for modeling-related sites, including Model Mayhem.

Then, in November, a photo of Nichols was spotted on what's described as a "Las Vegas escort-based website," prompting speculation that she was working as a prostitute in Nevada. This prospect wasn't beyond the realm of possibility: In January, Julia Nichols, Kara's mom, revealed that her daughter had "issues with drugs and the link to prostitution."

But even after sharing such personal and painful information, details about Nichols's whereabouts remained scarce -- and if she's found, her adult status means she can return or stay where she's at if she chooses. That's what happened with Furlong, who was contacted by police in California last month and decided to stay there.

An early missing poster for Kara Nichols.
Thus far, though, no one knows whether Kara has a chance to celebrate a happy birthday or not -- hence the continuing search. Share any information you might have at the Help Us Find Kara Nichols Facebook page.

Continue for our previous coverage of the search for Kara Nichols, including more photos.

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fishingblues topcommenter

You two nimrods not only have no class but likely have never had a daughter.  Yeah, the dumb bitch probably could have used some discipline (likely raised by 'we abhor personal responsibility' bleeding heart liberals).  But, ultimately, she's just a kid.  

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Drugs and Prostitution go together like Pot and Porn.


She Is either deceased or will be found in a dozen years or so along w/ three children, who's father is SATAN ! ( The captor ... )

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@fishingblues ... only a shirking blame-others conservative would call a 20 yr old ADULT "a kid" in a pathetic attempt to rationalize your own fears as a parent.

HipTip: all that "discipline" you've piled upon your children will only alienate them from you, driving them into the waiting arms of liberals once they escape your freakish domination.

BTW: patrons of prostitutes -- especially young ones -- are more likely to be repressed Repuglycans and toe-tapping Teabaggers.


... admit it ... you looked at her photos ... all of them ... and were thinking naughty lascivious thoughts, weren't you?

fishingblues topcommenter

@DonkeyHotay And yet another dumb-ass or should I say half-ass response by the Donkey boy.  

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