Kelsie Jean Schelling: Billboards, search party focus on missing, pregnant Denver woman

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Photos, video below.
Update: Late last month, we shared the latest about the search for Kelsie Jean Schelling, a Denver woman missing since February. Her family revealed that she'd just learned she was pregnant and had driven to Pueblo to see her boyfriend when she vanished.

Months later, her loved ones show no signs of abandoning their quest for answers and Schelling's safe return. They've just erected billboards in Pueblo (see one below) and are coordinating a search party for this weekend.

According to Laura Saxton, Schelling's mother, her daughter got confirmation of her pregnancy on February 4. As we've reported, doctor's records confirm that she was eight weeks pregnant, with the presumed father being her boyfriend, Donthe Lucas, whose Facebook page pictures him playing basketball for Northeastern Junior College.

Donthe Lucas.
"Cell phone records show that Kelsie sent picture messages of her ultrasound pictures taken that day to family members and also to Donthe and his mother," Saxton said at an April press conference; her complete remarks are below. "Cell phone records also show that Donthe asked Kelsie to come to Pueblo when she got off of work that night because he needed to speak with her in person.

"We know that Kelsie made it to Pueblo and did meet up with Donthe," Saxton continued. "No one has seen or heard from her since."

Does Saxton believe Lucas played a role in Schelling's disappearance? "We are not satisfied with Donthe's original account of the events leading up to Kelsie's disappearance," she said, adding, "We are informed that he has since refused to speak with the Pueblo Police Department."

Within days after the press conference, the Help Find Kelsie Facebook page is said to have reached 100,000 people. To spread the message about Schelling even further, the page announced that billboards would soon be placed in Pueblo, and that's now taken place. Here's a look at the billboard image, which can be seen at two intersections in Pueblo: Northern at Gaylord and Santa Fe at Holly.

Then came this announcement:
We would like to invite everyone to attend a search for Kelsie this Sunday.

Date: Sunday, May 19
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Meeting Place: Southern Colorado Gaming & Event Center (Old dog track)
Address: 3215 Lake Ave., Pueblo, CO 81004
Directions: Take Exit 94 off of I-25. Take a left at the light.

Everyone is welcome to come and join in the search. Please wear long pants and comfortable shoes. Bring water and sunscreen. Exact search locations and instructions will be provided in person before we begin the search. Thank you to everyone for your continued support.

Here's the link to the search party page. Possible locations of interest include the area near the hospital where Schelling's car was found and a Walmart that snagged security footage of a male using the vehicle in the days after she disappeared. We've got information and photos about that below.

Continue for our previous coverage of the search for Kelsie Jean Schelling, including photos and videos.

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'Peter Griffin' & or 'Stan Smith', could EVEN solve this case .


 The majority of detectives are dumber than 'purposely & intentionally ',  

idiotic cartoon characters .


If I weren't blind & could drive, I'd grab a few friends and beat the confession out of Lucas .

You know, 'Cop-Style' !!!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 "Kelsie, being a very spiritual and faith-filled person, maintains a running list of favorite Bible verses. Her Bible, filled with fluorescent highlights and personal footnotes, contains her reflections as she continues to pursue her Faith."

'nuff said.

Praise Jesus.


Er, it really seems like the solution is standing right in front of law enforcement. Lucas was the last person who saw her, she had just told him she was pregnant, and he accessed her bank account after she went missing. And LE hasn't solved this?



I used to praise Elway til I witnessed him shake hands w/ BOTH Bush's .

His game I will ALWAYS admire & respect , but John Elway as a 'normal' citizen, can go directly to Hotay's imaginary hell ......

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