Photos: Meet Laura McKeeman -- hottest Colorado Rockies girlfriend?

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Big photos below.
For the past year or so, Broncos receiver Eric Decker and Jesse James, his country-music-singing beloved, have topped the hottest local athlete/girlfriend list. But it looks like they've got some competition from the Colorado Rockies' Josh Rutledge and Laura McKeeman, his significant other. A former Miss Florida, McKeeman works at Fox Sports -- hence her designation as one of the 25 hottest sidelines reporters by -- and Rutledge ain't so bad, either. Check out the photographic evidence below.



Continue for more of our Laura McKeeman photo gallery.

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Molly Buchan
Molly Buchan

I lost 5 IQ points just reading this story intro.


Michael Roberts, are you applying for TMZ ?

But you write ALL WW's articles .

What would we do w/o you and all your informative reporting ???

Ryk McDorman
Ryk McDorman

Oh, Westword...please, let's not devolve into trashy celeb fake news.

Kalei N Rick Troch
Kalei N Rick Troch

LOL I challenge both those couple of fake ass, mindless morons for hottest couple

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