Photos: Leo DiCaprio's production of Dear Eleanor shooting in Niwot and beyond

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Big photos below.
Our Melanie Asmar has been writing about a new film incentives law that aims to attract movie- and TV-makers to Colorado -- and in March, she revealed that Dear Eleanor, a movie produced by Leonardo DiCaprio's company, would soon start lensing here.

Lo and behold, it's happening -- and while producer Caleb Applegate reportedly wanted to keep many of the locations quiet, the City of Niwot had other ideas. See photos and get details below.

On Saturday afternoon, Niwot's official Facebook page posted the following:

Filming is going on today in Historic Niwot for the Leonardo DiCaprio production: 'Dear Eleanor' starring Jessica Alba. Come on down and see the action!
Sure enough, filming did indeed take place in Niwot over the weekend, with other sequences being shot in Longmont and adjacent locales.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, the flick is set in the early 1960s and involves a cross-country trip by two friends who idolize former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt. It's directed by Kevin Connolly, best known for his acting (he was Eric on Entourage) and co-stars the aforementioned Jessica Alba, plus Luke Wilson and Joel Courtney, who made such an impression in the J.J. Abrams flick Super 8. Here's a photo from the Boulder area tweeted by Courtney.

Accompanying tweet: "Out hiking along the Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado."
Look below to see another photo shared by Courtney, plus assorted twitpics from the official Dear Eleanor Twitter account and more.

Accompanying tweet: "Murray Rundus working on Set of Dear Eleanor:)"

Accompanying tweet: "Crackers did amazing filming for Dear Eleanor yesterday! Pleasure working with @mrkevinconnolly great director ."
Continue for more photos from the local filming of Dear Eleanor.

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I understand the crew will be filming in downtown Lyons tomorrow. I hope they take the time to   explore and enjoy the hospitality of our local businesses.


@David Kotzebue you look kinda like and remind me of the lead singer of RHCP...


@Juan_Leg An actor in the ranks with Johnny Depp; one extremely talented and possessing integrity rarely found of late...

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