Marijuana training: What Colorado's new pot laws mean to you
Last November's passage of Amendment 64 was greeted with joy by many members of the cannabis community. But what followed was a confusing flurry of bills that will be further refined by rules and regulations to be crafted by the Department of Revenue in the months after they're signed, likely next week. With that in mind, Sensible Colorado is sponsoring an event tonight in Fort Collins intended to cut through the clutter and explore what the new laws will mean for consumers and entrepreneurs alike.

Sensible Colorado's Brian Vicente, who co-authored A64, describes the get-together at the Council Tree Library in FoCo (get complete details below) as a "landmark education event. Sensible Colorado is teaming up with the United Food and Commercial Workers, which has been involved in organizing this industry, to train the public as to what these laws mean."

The Council Tree Library in Fort Collins.
As Vicente points out, "there were actually ten marijuana laws passed at the legislature this session. And we also authored Question 301, which was passed by Fort Collins voters to bring back medical marijuana dispensaries."

Question 301 reversed a previous ban on dispensaries, which had squelched a thriving MMJ scene in the Fort -- and Vicente expects that some who attend are worried about opening new retail operations when a new vote might forbid them again, starting the openings-and-closures cycle all over.

"That is a concern in Fort Collins," Vicente acknowledges. "They allowed medical marijuana dispensaries, then they banned them, and now they've brought them back. But I think the voters' will is headed in the direction of allowing these stores. They did vote to legalize marijuana [in small amounts for adult users 21 and over in Colorado], and they voted to bring these stores back at the same time. So our thought and hope is that these stores will be there permanently to help patients."

Here are the details about tonight's event, as outlined in a Sensible Colorado release:

Landmark Training on Colorado's New Marijuana Laws this Wednesday (5/22)

Sensible Colorado and the United Food & Commercial Worker's Union Local 7 Team Up for a Public Education Event

FORT COLLINS -- Interested community members and prospective marijuana business owners from around the state will gather at the Council Tree Library in Fort Collins this Wednesday evening, May 22, for a public seminar on the legal and business aspects of Colorado's new marijuana laws. This training will provide an in-depth explanation of Colorado's recently passed marijuana laws -- including Amendment 64, the new "adult use" implementation laws, as well as a special focus on Question 301, the local medical marijuana law recently passed in Fort Collins.

Expert speakers include the authors of Amendment 64 and Question 301-- along with allies from the labor movement -- who will explain rights and opportunities created by these new laws.

"Colorado voters and the state legislature recently endorsed a number of complex and important marijuana laws," said Brian Vicente, director of the non-profit Sensible Colorado and co-author of Amendment 64 and Question 301. "This training will answer 'frequently asked questions' about these new laws for medical patients, business owners, and interested community members."

What: "Free Training on Colorado's New Marijuana Laws"

When: Wednesday, May 22 from 6:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

Where: Council Tree Library, 2733 Council Tree Ave., Ft. Collins, CO 80525 -- Community Rm C

What Else: Training open to patients, business owners and other supporters of sensible marijuana laws.

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Yet, the talk somehow remains, "Pot is 'legal' in Colorado !", which is somehow the nation's understanding .

They don't see Colorado joining the 'race' to ensure ALL it's residents ARE on or has a 'record' & media CONTROLLED !


If they get away with this be prepared to chew off your foot when you are shackled to the wall of their residences...


I don't even have to read this article to tell you that Colorado's "new pot laws" will further corrode the citizenry and give more power to the authorities that can take your money and lock you up for breaking the laws they are currently writing before they even give you the right to recreationalize marijuana. The money spent to train the police to institute programs to enforce the regulations put upon police by legislature could be better spent to deal with current problems instead of training for anticipated illegalities that they are speculating on now while they write these laws. Repeal A64. Create new amendment to decriminalize.


'Hip, Hip, Hooray !!!'

Pot is 'almost' legal !


Dumb-asses ...


Technically, only a judge can interpret law. This will just be opinions and advice from people who think they know how a judge might interpret the law. It's good to be a weed lawyer these days, the more training you give now, the more potential clients you'll have later. Regulating weed is like a giant pay raise for drug offense attorneys. Decriminalize or legalize weed, and they go broke. If it is really a "landmark education event", I'd assume some of the speakers would be DEA agents and state judges, but what do I know. I'm sure there will be useful information at this event, but take it with a grain of salt, no one knows what will happen. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst, that's the best advice any one of these speakers can offer.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

... get Trained! ... to receive lyin' Brian Vicente's FIST of REGULATION!


@Bubba  <----- fantasizes about bestiality...obsessed with donkeys...convicted zoophiliac.  what is your primary objective?

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