Medical marijuana dispensary review: Green Cross of Cherry Creek

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The Blackberry Kush was a much denser, more full-grown specimen and had a black-coffee-and-sugar-cereal smell out of the jar. But it had its faults, too -- notably that the true strain-distinct smells really only came out after mangling the bud between my fingertips. At that point, the Blackberry Kush smelled like over-ripe blackberries and powdered fruit-punch drink mix made with too little water. Still not much of a full flavor to the strain, but it was potent and relaxing, with a mellow buzz that lasted a good hour and a half before evening out into a body buzz for the last half hour. Not bad by any means, but still: $45 for this plus tax makes it nearly a $50 eighth, and that's way too high. Closer to $40 and change would have been more like it.

Blackberry Kush from Green Cross of Cherry Creek.
For concentrates, the shop had a single huge chunk of ice-water hash the size of a racquetball ball that looked like a mix of different filter screen sizes, with a few chunks of plant matter thrown in for good measure. My budtender said it was some of the best bubble hash she's ever had. Either she was stretching things to make an up-sale or she's never had good bubble hash, but either way, I passed. The shop also had BHO in stock all made from an outside vendor. Though the yellow flaky hash didn't look awful, there were other small jars filled with what looked more like the black, viscous oil on the floor of your garage than the oil that should be in your pipes. Again, a pass.

That left me with an eighth of herb that, after tax, came to just under $49. Not to bemoan the point here, but that's at least $10 too high, even for the top-tier buds. Fix that and Green Cross of Cherry Creek would be worth a second visit. Until then, save your money: There are better, cheaper buds out there for the taking in this town.

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Panaderia La Central

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Dear William,

Don't you think that when it comes to cannabis, there would be 100 different opinions between 100 different people? That's why I hate when people like you post reviews using social media and pretending to be the only ones to know...You clearly represent the point of view of the younger, stoner part of a crowd    and completely ignore needs and tastes of other people who need to use cannabis not only because it feels great to get high but because they have some serious health issues and just trying to switch from strong chemical medicine to this God given natural medicine. Don't you realize that Green Cross may have developed 100% organic, soil based way of growing milder yet very potent flower that is more designed for needs of older sick patients than 20-something people in good health and high tolerance??  Don't you realize that something that you may not like  could be perfect for other people with different taste? We can't grow enough Blackberry Kush, for example, to keep up with demand.  Your review is biased and unfair. How can you judge the quality of bubble hash just by visual observation? You lose your credibility by saying this unless you could prove that there is a gas chromatography devise incorporated in your eyes. You sound like a teenager that thinks that he knows everything, I think you should be more respectful and responsible with your statements and, first and foremost, understand that we are dealing with no FDA approved drugs but with the product that works differently for different people. No dispensary would be able to stay in business for many years and retain loyal clientele unless doing something right. And you should probably care for some respect toward people who, unlike yourself, work very, very hard every day in order to help their patients.


Green Cross of Cherry Creek


Makes me wish I still used MJ......

The Growing Kitchen
The Growing Kitchen

Would love it if you were able to cover our Edibles/Apothecary/Concentrate company the Growing Kitchen in one of your MMJ blogs! Just sent in a letter to the editor for consideration. Thanks in advance!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@The Growing Kitchen ... send Billy some of your Cannabis Suppositories for review.

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