Medical marijuana dispensary review: Pure Medical Dispensary in north Denver

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Pizza from Pure.
It's been almost three years since I checked out Pure's original location, on Bannock just south of the Denver Art Museum. Since then, the shop has expanded to two other locations quietly selling cannabis with what seems like little to no media presence. No cannabis cups and no obnoxious Internet advertising campaigns -- just soil-grown cannabis and fresh-made edibles. And the approach seems to be working.

Pure Medical Dispensary

505 W. 40th Ave.
Denver, CO 80216

Hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.
Raw marijuana price range for non-members: $10/gram $35/eighth-ounce, $280/ounce.
Raw marijuana price range for members: Members receive 20 percent off purchase.
Other types of medicine: CO2 oil, dry-ice kief, hash, edibles.
Online menu? No.
Handicap-accessible? Yes.

The 40th Avenue shop is the newest of the three, serving patients since last November. It's a pretty nondescript warehouse from the outside -- other than the massive two-story Pure sign above the door, that is. Windows down, you can get a pungent whiff from about a half-block away of something not unlike a pissed-off skunk.

Inside the front door is a small, green cube of a waiting room, its low check-in counter opposite the front door. Beyond the glass, a guy in his mid-thirties dressed in jeans and a white lab coat was either intently working on something or really zoning out on the web when I arrived. It took him a few minutes to sort out paperwork while I sat in the room, which was echoing with Tony Orlando tunes. Seriously, Tony Orlando. If your grandmother with glaucoma wouldn't feel comfortable going here, I don't know where else you could send her.

While a lot has changed -- including Pure launching its own edibles and extracts line, dubbed Colorado Cannabis Company -- the new location seems nearly identical to the first one. Same clean, industrial feel, with concrete, unfinished ceilings and simple birch counters. The budtender was also wearing a white lab coat with jeans and looked like she was a grad school biochem student working on a really cool thesis paper.

Hell's Angels OG from Pure.
Bud is displayed right in front of your face under a sneeze guard-like case, each strain labeled in front with its strain, genetic lineage and test results for THC and CBD. The cannabis tests are done through CannLabs and are an average of plants from the entire harvest. So while it's not exact for each bud you're bringing home, you'll still have a good idea of what you're working with. I mentioned back pain I've been dealing with since helping the wife with the vegetable garden last weekend, and my budtender instantly went to the strains with the higher CBD counts.

Nonmembers pay about $10 per-gram after taxes on flowers, with no price breaks for bulk purchases. That means an ounce will run you about $280. Members get 20 percent off, bringing herb down to pretty reasonable prices. The shop also has frequent sales, including a pretty awesome one going on now through the 26th, with $134 ounces and $33 quarter-ounces.

I made my way through about ten of the different types of cannabis, including a cool Bubba Kush/Stevie Wonder cross called Mr. T with speartip buds, a seaweed-green and amber crystal-coated earthy Kong, and a fluffy and potent '91 Chemdawg. The Deadhead OG was the highest CBD plant on display, with an average of nearly 2 percent CBD and around 19 percent THC. It also had one of the most pronounced kush odors of any of the strains when the lid was lifted off the stock jar in the shop. But the smell seemed to dull out over a few days in the tiny jar I brought home.

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Pure Medical Dispensary

505 W. 40th Ave., Denver, CO

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I have been a loyal customer to this shop for a little over a year now. Never went anywhere else, always went to them and gave them my business. When I signed up with them they took copies of all my paperwork and my disability paper work. They told me I would qualify for the members discount plus a disability discount. That was great. Shopped there for over a year and never had any problems. I just went down there today to purchase some medicine. After waiting for 45 minutes in the "waiting room" I got to go in. I explained that I hadn't been in awhile and inquired if the prices were the same as last time I came in. I was told yes, nothing had changed. I went ahead and picked out a small variety. I have been paying $167.50 for an ounce for the entire time I have been doing business with these people. Imagine my surprise when the guy behind the counter said "that will be $453"! My jaw hit the floor. What??? I tried to talk to this guy and find out why the discrepancy to which he informed me in a very condescending tone "you're not in our data base and you don't get any discount" I tried to explain that I had been a customer since before the guy that was giving this crap was even employed there. How did he greet me by name and know that my last visit was in October of 2013 if I wasn't in their data base??? Needless to say I was stunned! After a 45 minute wait and then to be subjected to this extremely rude treatment by their employee??? Is this how they treat their long time valued customers??? As the guy got real belligerent and started yelling at me to "get out of his store", he informed me that the prices had always been what he was trying to charge me and they have never sold ounces for $167.50! He told me I must be thinking of another dispensary and I had not been a regular customer of their's. Get out of his store and don't come back! I've been doing business with Pure long enough to know that he was not one of the owners. Why he kept referring to it as "his store" is beyond me. I was completely stunned!! I will be making an attempt to contact the owners and I will be filing a claim with the BBB. There was absolutely no reason for this rude treatment. As I left dumbfounded all I could think of to leave him with is "You just lost this business a loyal customer. You're not the only game in town"! This guy was a complete jerk for no reason. I really wonder if the owners of Pure Dispensary (on East Colfax) know that this is how their customers get treated. I wonder if they even care! Unless I receive a formal apology from the owners of this establishment, I will be taking all my future business to ANYBODY but them! There are a lot of dispensary's in town Pure, I'm sure one of your competitors will treat me as a valued customer and they will get my business from now on! THESE FOLKS DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR LONG TIME CUSTOMERS! I HIGHLY URGE YOU TO SHOP ELSEWHERE. IT MAY BE YOU ON THE RECEIVING END OF THIS RUDE TREATMENT NEXT TIME! IF I COULD I WOULD GIVE YOU A NEGATIVE FIVE STARS. THAT WOULD APTLY SUM UP THE WAY I WAS TREATED TODAY!     


One word, SLANDER. 


Killin it.

I would be happy to give some education of our 100% in house grown product. Or show you one of Colorado's largest collection lab tested data. Over a 1000+ tested, and retested strains. Just give a call at the shop. You know where to find me.


Oh. Don't worry I'll bring the coffee for your donuts. It's on me.


I'd bet dollars to donuts that Pure didn't grow either of those two strains pictured. And I have a pretty good guess who did. Hint: you've reviewed their herb multiple times at several different locations (none of which belonged to them). 

You ought to ask (for starters) who grew the herb you're buying. More often than not, in your case it seems, it is not the shop that you're buying from. That SLH cut might be all over the place, but the real deal Hell's cut is not. Not on a dispensary tip anyway.

Also, it is hardly believable that Pure is testing multiple chunks of bud from the same harvest. They test one chunk of the batch and that's their score. It's not an average.


reeferaddict said

karrieq You keep using that word: I don't think it means what you think it means.

Try again.

It's interesting that the above response posted on June 12, 2013, was mysteriously removed.

But just for a little definition of the day.....



The action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a reputation.


Make false and damaging statements.


@karrieq You keep using that word: I don't think it means what you think it means.

Try again.


I like pure edibles but cough-bullshit-cough. they buy wholesale. just like pretty much all of em. not to mention a budtender told me which strains on the shelf were wholesale last time I was in. oh and Frank, don't name any more OGs after yourself. we all know you aren't one. and 1000+ strains tested? please post a link to those. I'll bet that doesn't happen.


As a patient with Pure from the beginning I can TELL you, they grow 100% of their own herb. The Hell's Angel OG is for real. One of the newer strains they have gotten over the last few months but still real as your "donuts". They have been testing each harvest for the last three years so yes it is an average you see on the card. That's usually what you get when you stack up THREE plus years of data. Why don't you take a stroll to the Bannock location and ask to see there very large binders of test results straight from CannLabs. You can't really fake that now can you. While you're there buy some bud or are you scared bc your not Killin it??



Dear Woods, 

      With all due respect I must disagree. I've been a patient at PURE since the beginning and am now an employee. I can attest to you with 100% certainty that we do not bring any herb in wholesale. Legally in the State of CO you MUST grow 70% of your own medicine. We grow 100%. I work with the compliance paperwork daily, and have visited the grows more than a few times, and can assure you that in the two years I have been working here I have never seen any herb wholesaled to us. Ever. 

        Additionally I'd be happy to show you our binders full of test results if you come by the Bannock location, however, as they're not posted publicly online,  there is no link to them. Personally I'd rather see the hard results anyway. So how much would you like to bet? I'd also like to know which budtender you spoke with who told you we were wholesaling cannabis, and which strains they told you were wholesaled that were on the shelf? Just out of curiosity. 

         Anyone who knows anything about Herb knows OG doesn't stand for Original Gangsta, as you imply, at least in reference to cannabis. It's a term that originated in CA, and it stands for Ocean Grown. However, you obviously have never met Frank, because he most certainly is OG in every sense of the word.

    If you have any other questions or concerns I'd be more than happy to answer them as honestly and informatively as possible


Wholesale edibles?!? Wholesale strains?!? You don't gotta lie to kick it. The only wholesale edibles are those Pure SELLS out of their kitchen, all made 100% in house. And see above comment from Frank, he's one BAMFOG.


@dd_woods @MikeHoncho 

    So by reasonable deduction I assume you either are an ex-patient/employee and are disgruntled because you have some sort of axe to grind, or you have never stepped foot in one of our stores and are referring to some other business because the only actual factual thing you've said is that we have great edibles.                                                             Haters gonna hate I guess.

     Regardless, I'm going to set the record straight, but then that will be the end of what I have to say to you as you seem more interested in slandering and bad mouthing people you don't even know then having a constructive conversation.

    First, I am not Frank. As you saw earlier in the thread Frank has his own account to make his own comments, and, unlike yourself who finds it necessary to hide behind an "anonymous" profile, you can view my profile on this site to see exactly who I am.

   Second, accusing us of being unethical as a business is a pretty inflammatory thing to say. I would sure hope you have some shred of evidence to back that claim up. I can tell you from personal experience that we have some of the most stringent policies concerning changing caregiver that I've seen at any dispensary. There is a minimal of two forms a patient must sign and date in order to make us their caregiver. In addition we have a company policy that a patient must have shopped with us a minimum of 3 times in order to sign us over so that a patient gets to know the store before just signing the right to grow their plants over to us. We make every patient who wishes to sign us as their caregiver aware of the 120 day rule, and try to make sure they are as informed as possible before making any decision in our stores, from which medicine best suits their needs to whether or not one should/are able to sign us as CG. We really don't have a need or desire to deceive anyone.   

       Lastly, you've been told repeatedly where you can find our lab results from Cannlabs, however, considering your bad attitude and desire to hide your identity, I doubt you will have the stones to show up in our store to see them.

Still no names of budtenders and strains that you claimed as evidence of wholesaling?                   Thought so.



I know what it means, you idiot. And you knew what I meant, obviously. I actually know quite a bit about "Herb." Not sure why you would capatalize it though? Cannabis, yes. Anyway, Frank/you is/are a dork and a faker. Not even close to an OG.

Still no link to test scores?? Thought so.

And if you are working with "the compliance paperwork," you are probably aware that Pure is in the practice of deceivingly signing patients up to be their caregiver. This is ethically questionable and predatory (especially when we're talking about new and naive patients) at best. Weird how patients tell each other that kind of thing.

Also, with no respect given, you're "Herb" credibility goes out the window when you say you've been a lifer at Pure. Pff.

Pure sucks, their herb sucks, and you suck. Keep on trying, Frank.


@dd_woods @rachelclarity 

Wow! "slut bag"...what are you, five? Reading through these comments, dd_woods, you just sound like an uneducated, immature, idiot.  You obviously have no idea what you are talking about and are most likely an ex-employee that just didn't make the grade, probably due to that lack of maturity displayed in your posts. I can personally attest that this article is valid, and Pure/Colorado Cannabis Company run a professional, ethical and patient oriented business. None of their cannabis or cannabis infused products are wholesale and as everyone keeps saying, which you keep deflecting, take a trip to one of their shops and acquire the knowledge that is obviously lacking in your statements. Seriously though, it's ignorant people like yourself that give the cannabis industry a bad name, so do everyone a favor and just simply go away.   


Hahahahahahaha!! You're too funny. Agree to disagree, Mr. Woods.



No, no, dumb dumb. I actually acknowledge that their edibles are solid. It's their shitty herb, sketchy business practices, and the bs claim that they've never bought wholesale bud that made me jump into this conversation. You just sound like some slut bag that wants to get stuffed by Frank's skinny ass. Now shut up.

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