Here's why attorney general, Jeffco DA think Hick should have let Nathan Dunlap die

Nathan Dunlap.
Governor John Hickenlooper's decision to grant a temporary reprieve to Nathan Dunlap, who killed four people and seriously wounded a fifth in an attack on a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant circa 1993, has been cheered in some quarters, but jeered in others. Tom Tancredo decided to run for governor due in part to frustration over Hick's actions, and both Colorado Attorney General John Suthers and Jefferson County District Attorney Pete Weir have released passionate attacks on his choice.

First up, here's what Suthers has to say on the subject:

John Suthers.
"It's been my observation over many years that the extraordinary powers we give the president and our state governors is the one place in the criminal justice system where personal philosophy can trump the rule of law. And make no mistake about it -- that is exactly what has happened in the case of People v. Nathan Dunlap. This is a horrible crime in which four wholly-innocent people were brutally murdered. The defendant was eligible for the death penalty under Colorado law. The district attorney believed the defendant deserved the death penalty. A jury of twelve citizens of Colorado determined that he deserved the death penalty. And a plethora of appellate courts have upheld the jury's decision. But Governor Hickenlooper simply cannot cope with the task of carrying out the execution of Nathan Dunlap or exercising his constitutional mandate.

Ben Grant was among Dunlap's victims in the 1993 Chuck E. Cheese massacre.
"Executive authority to modify criminal punishment is part of our constitutional system, and I respect that. However, the citizens of Colorado deserve honesty and the victims deserve finality. I believe the governor's decision does not stem from anything but his personal discomfort about the death penalty. I also believe that the governor should have been much more up front with the voters when he ran for office if he couldn't carry out the death penalty.

"I have an excellent working relationship with the governor and I respect him very much. Yet it's been apparent to me that issues of crime and punishment are not his strength. John Hickenlooper is an optimist. He has proven to be uncomfortable confronting the perpetrators of evil in our society. I saw this when I discussed last year's juvenile direct-file bill with him. He had trouble comprehending that a 16 or 17-year-old is capable of brutal acts deserves adult punishment. I saw it in his naïve views about the role of administrative segregation in our prisons. And I've heard it in my discussions with him about the death penalty. The governor is certainly entitled to these views, but granting a reprieve simply means that his successor will have to make the tough choice that he cannot.

"Fifty-year-old Margaret Kohlberg, 19-year-old Sylvia Crowell, 17-year-old Ben Grant, and 17-year-old Colleen O'Connor all died at Nathan Dunlap's hand. Bobby Stevens was shot and left for dead. They were the victims in this case and Mr. Dunlap made sure that their voices could not be heard.

"The governor, by refusing to make any hard decisions today -- whether in carrying out Dunlap's sentence or conclusively granting clemency -- has only guaranteed suffering and delayed justice for the victims' loved ones for years to come."

Tough stuff -- and Jeffco DA Weir's response is no more complimentary toward Hickenlooper.

Continue for Pete Weir's statement about the reprieve granted to Nathan Dunlap.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Hey Fluffmaster Michael ... did Nathan Dunlap "let those people die" at Chuck-E-Cheese's ?

Chris Rixman
Chris Rixman

If right means wrong strut hers was right

Michael P Lee
Michael P Lee

Hick is a strong politician that I believe thinks he's untouchable. Here's hoping he's touchable next election. I don't always agree with him or Suthers but on this one I'm on Surhers side.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Only in the fetid minds at Westweed is the DELIBERATE, PRE-Meditated EXECUTION of another human being "letting them die".

Journalism FAIL! ... nominated for a FoxNews prize in Fairly Unbalanced propaganda.

Noelle Brownson
Noelle Brownson

I agree 100% with John Suthers' assessment of the situation. I knew Hickenlooper would never be able to have someone killed. It's simply not in him. And good point that the temporary reprieve simply puts the decision to the next governor. Not fair Hick.


I'm so confused as to how Hickenlooper can make this decision solely on his own personal apprehension. This isn't about 'him' it's about 'us' and he's failing to do what we put him in office to do. The state has made their decision and whether or not he likes it, he 'has' to go through with it. Period. This isn't 'his' state. It's 'ours' and the inability to carry forth what we expect from him should carry further action towards his seat. I like the guy, (Hickenlooper, not Dunlap), but this is a serious breach of trust. I'm paying monthly tuition for my child to be in kindergarten because of the lack of my tax funds diverted towards DPS when this issue could have been resolved years ago and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars? It's outrageous.



We're back to the 'Scary' Photo of #89148 !!!

WAY easier to hate & want to kill 'that', #89148 !!!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Noelle Brownson ... so run for Governor and you can gleefully do the executing yourself, bitch.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@RevBF "I'm so confused as to how Hickenlooper can make this decision solely on his own personal apprehension"

Because you're PIG-IGNORANT of The Colorado CONSTITUTION -- which grants The Governor the POWER to exercise Executive Clemency ... at his own personal discretion.

As the U$ Constitution grants the PRESIDENT that same discretionary power.

If you're so eager to kill, then do it yourself, you gutless amoral coward.

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