Nathan Wilkins: Is Georgia teen who faked suicide after child-sex charge in Aurora?

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Photos, video below.
The path that may have led Nathan Wilkins, nineteen, from his Georgia home to Aurora is an undeniably twisted one.

The story thus far features a child-sex sting involving Craigslist and a "slushy," Facebook posts about eBay shopping and political commentary, an elaborately staged suicide and the filing of a bond revocation after it was discovered Wilkins was still very much alive.

Photos, video and the weird details below.

The WMBB-TV report about Wilkins' June 2012 arrest -- it's on view below -- begins with the station's anchor affecting his most serious tone as he says, "It may be late on a Tuesday night, but before you go to bed, there's something every parent watching needs to know: Authorities say adults are coming to Bay County to hurt your children."

Nathan Wilkins.
That's quite a lead-in, but reporter Addie Hampton manages to trump it with this introduction: "Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen said law enforcement sees a lot of things, but during this sting, their eyes were opened to a whole new world of evil and perversion."

She's describing "Operation Riptide," a law-enforcement sting intended to ensnare child-sex-wanting creepazoids. How did it work? According to the Panama City, Florida, News Herald, citing court records, Wilkins allegedly answered a Craigslist ad purportedly placed by a father seeking someone to deflower his daughter, age eleven. He subsequently exchanged e-mails with the faux-dad, who gave him an address and told him to bring a "slushy" for the girl at the appointed time.

Bay County authorities later provided WMBB with surveillance-footage snippets of the individuals who stumbled into this trap -- and sure enough, a couple of them are holding oversized cups when the door opens and they're overwhelmed by officers.
An Operation Riptide suspect being swarmed by cops.
Before long, Wilkins was facing counts related to traveling to meet a minor for sex, child exploitation and computer pornography -- and because of the arrest's circumstances, he was forbidden from using a computer after bonding out. But Facebook proved too alluring.

Continue for more about fugitive Nathan Wilkins, including photos and a video.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Red State Family Values.


people who do this kind of thing need to be put down so tax payers dont have to flip the bill

Autumn Morgan Mitch Turner
Autumn Morgan Mitch Turner

The crazy thing about people like this...they don't come with a warning sign....As sad as it sounds, We all most likely know someone like this disturbed individual, they just haven't been caught yet. Reason number one I love living the life of a hermit!!

Josh Moore
Josh Moore

He's a liberal. We need liberal control laws.


I'm high and driving while reading this..


i wonder where i can volunteer to help catch these fucks

Jake Callahan
Jake Callahan

look at this kid, his parents are probably 4th cousins

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